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Essay Writing Prompts

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
Knowing Essay Writing Prompts You Will Succeed With Your Essay Assignments

When having a task of writing an essay or research paper, you may feel confused by the need to follow many rules. However, some simple essay writing prompts are always helpful if you want to write a distinctive piece, but at the same time avoid burden of regulations.

Descriptive Essay Prompts As Helpful Tools for Inexperienced Writers

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Descriptive Essay Prompts Help in Writing Imposing Essays
Writing descriptive essay is not so simple task as it may seem. For submitting high quality /essay one needs to look through descriptive essay prompts.
Knowing how to make an imposing description improves your chances for getting high quality essay of any type and on any level of complexity. Descriptive elements are found in any type of written assignment and knowing the basics of creative writing boosts your confidence and thus the outcome of your work.
It is true that in everyday activity we use description like telling friends of some purchases or describing journeys. Good narrators are always in the focus of public attention. However, being a good narrator in writing is quite a different thing and implies knowledge of some rules and features which make your writing attention-grabbing and interesting.
Here are some descriptive essay prompts which can be helpful tools for inexperienced writer:
Unity is an important component of any written text. One should make sure that one paragraph contains only one idea and there’s an adequate link between paragraphs. It is not a proper way to introduce new ideas after you made a topic sentence or include other irrelevant information. However, one can discuss different aspects of the same idea if they are closely related. Each sentence following the topic sentence should give back-up or supporting information and explain the main idea.
Clearness or lucid narration is the second landmark in any kind of writing, including descriptive one. Making any assumptions or explaining something, you should care for clear and lucid wording so that a reader has no problem in understand you. You should avoid ambiguous statements and making statement which refute each other. For making sure that your story is understandable, you should edit your writing. You may prefer services of professional editor or you may ask your friend to read and give feedback on your writing.
For making an interesting description one needs to learn how to paint by pen. It mean that your should create a visual picture of those things you want to describe and getting into this picture, convey your emotions and feeling on the paper. It includes using all five senses and using sensory experiences tell a reader what you see, hear, feel, smell, etc. Thus you should bring the reader into your picture with the help of language means and sometimes stylistic devices.

Persuasive Essay Prompts Are Not Required When You Deal With Professionals

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Persuasive Essay Prompts vs. Competent Essay Writers

During student years students are assigned hundreds of different academic tasks. Persuasive essay is one of those formats which are so often assigned within different courses. That’s why it is worth to devote some time for exploring persuasive essay prompts which can help in submitting high quality essay.

Through essay writing one develops skills of research wiring and critical analysis skills. It helps in boosting level of essay writing and extending the knowledge on the subject explored. The first essay prompt for all types of essays is that student essay is not a complication work or plagiarized work. It is an individual, personalized view on the problem which is based on scientific research. Of course it involves reading and using different sources. However, it does not mean that you have to delve into cope and paste activity. You should research the topic viewing from different perspectives and making your own conclusion.

College Essay Prompts to Help You with Any Essay Format

Friday, July 24th, 2009

College Essay Prompts and How to Write an Essay

College essay is relatively a simple assignment which students have no problem submitting. However, there’re lots of challenges for beginning students and thus college essay prompts are always of great benefit for those who want to provide an impeccably written essay.

An essay is traditionally considered a simple student work as compared to coursework or term paper. Thus students pay little attention to the originality of the text and composition structure. Nevertheless, writing of a college essay is inalienable part of educational process. When working on this rather easy task, one develops the skills of writing on more sophisticated level and thus essay writing should be approached with all responsibility and care.
First of all college essay prompts we should mention the fact that an essay is not a compilation of books and all kinds of articles. On other hand it should not include only one source, otherwise it will be a report. An essay is meant for summarizing and systemizing materials processed but not reviewing books or articles.
More deep understanding of the topic and memorizing useful information serves as a purpose of writing of an essay. In addition, when we work over an essay, we develop skills of self-organization and motivation which is useful in everyday life, not only in studies.
It is high time to pick the topic. Sometimes a teacher assigns specific topic for you, sometimes he/she suggests to choose from a list, and sometimes gives you a complete freedom of choice within the framework studied course. Choosing the topic the main thing to mind is your personal interests. If a topic is interesting, essay writing will be quick and pleasant process, even if it is more complicated and needs an in-depth investigation. If there is time for consideration, it is better to pick two or three topics (no more) and do preliminary reading. The more relevant material you find on this or that topic, the choice will be evident.
To choose high quality materials one can also find it helpful to read through these college essay prompts.
The most modern and «lazy» method of literature selection is the Internet. However, it is important to remember that not any source can be used in college essay paper. It is desirable to find scientific sites and electronic libraries which contain scholarly sources in electronic format. It is necessary to save all articles and sections of books found in the Internet in one folder, expressly naming every source. In the future it will economize time for searching of necessary material. It is strongly recommended to visit a library and find basic materials from there while Internet source will serve as auxiliary support. It is also recommended to use peer-reviewed articles. However, one should care for information novelty and check for the dates of journals issue.
When materials are collected and preliminary reading completed, one can proceed with an outline and then draft essay. However, this part of college essay prompts requires more detailed explanation and can be found in academic essay post. If you want A level paper, you are better to order essay at This custom essay writing company is happy to offer students services of writing any essay format required. All is needed is placing an order.

Essay Prompts: What Should Be Avoided During Essay Writing?

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Essay Prompts and Essay Writing Failures

Starting your academic essay, you try to find essay prompts like examples of essay writing, sample essays or other tips which can help in this often daunting task. If starting your essay writing attempts, essay tips can give valuable information which can result in A level papers.
Essay prompts can help with basic information about essay writing but at the same time you are not free from making mistakes and if you want high rating for your essay, you are better to delegate the task of essay writing to more experienced essay writers. These can be found in custom essay writing vendors like which are qualified experts in different fields of study. You can always rely on professionalism of writers who devote most of their time to academic writing on different levels.
Even when you are sure that you have coped with great essay and believe that you essay deserves the hest rating, you can be totally disappointed to find out that your masterpiece has numerous mistakes and failures which haven’t been so obvious before essay submission. Thus any type of writing assignment should be proofread by somebody from your friends, relatives or other people. Any essay requires also editing when stylistics and content of the paper are refurbished and perfected. You can miss important landmarks of argumentation structure or can fail to provide impeccable references.
When you strive for perfect essay writing, you should look for possible gaps and shortcomings before submitting an essay. The best way is to ask professionals to evaluate your paper before you are estimated by your instructor. Thus you should be critical to your own work and be aware of imperfect work.
Thus your essay writing checklist is:
• Grammar and punctuation mistakes;
• laconic description, narration or argumentation or avoiding eloquent, empty phrases;
• making your wording emotional and easy to perceive;
• essay argumentation lucidness and clarity.

Some Personal Essay Prompts To Produce an Impressive Personal Essay

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Personal Essay Prompts Help You out When You Do Not Know How To Start Your Personal Essay

Writing personal essay is very important for those who include it in application packages to get some position or grant. It gives important information about personality of the applicant and helps to understand personal qualities and characteristics of a person. Before starting to work on this important task, it is worth of reading some personal essay prompts, which will give you some hints of how to produce an impressive personal essay.

Get Some High School Essay Prompts to Help in Creating a Distinctive Research

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Some High School Essay Prompts to Assist in Essay Writing

Every student of high school will be grateful to accept any help in writing essays, as these writing tasks are burdensome and are required by professors very often. It does not matter whether the student has to write an argumentative essay, animal farm essay, a classification essay, critical analysis essay or cause and effect essay, he\she wants to write a good and interesting research paper that draws the reader’s attention. To achieve the desired there are high school essay prompts that are a kind of instructions, which students can follow to provide A level paper.

When Expository Essay Prompts Are Not Necessary

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Expository Essay Prompts Are Not Necessary When You Address a Professional

Looking for expository essay prompts, one needs to understand what makes an expository essay, first of all. The primary goal of an expository essay is objective presentation of different opinions of experts or presenting some event or situation. In other words it is an interpretation of a certain topic or phenomenon. Writing this type of essay is about systematic analysis of the object under research.

Persuasive Essay Prompts Will Help You to Produce an Eloquent and Convincing Persuasive Essay

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Persuasive Essay Prompts for a Diligent Student

One of the most widely submitted /essay type is a persuasive essay. It is preferred by many students who master eloquence writing skills. Despite its popularity writing persuasive essays is not a cakewalk and requires profound knowledge, excellent writing skills and a little bit of imagination. Persuasive essay prompts will help you to find out what makes a really distinctive persuasive essay.

Descriptive Essay Prompts to Make Your Essay Really Descriptive

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Descriptive Essay Prompts for the Best Descriptive Essay Writing

One of the simplest essay formats is a descriptive essay format. Among other types of essay formats it differs by its universality – a descriptive essay is an essay which may be a constituent part of any other essay format. Almost every /essay contains descriptive elements and some descriptive essay prompts are not extra.

Descriptive essay
is also an essay format which is closely related to everyday life when we all communicate and use descriptions of events, people, objects, etc. However, despite its wide range of use a good description is rather a complicated thing to do. Our descriptive essay prompts will help you to focus and produce an incredible description.

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