3 Tips on How to Overcome Procrastination

First of all, it is necessary to give a definition of procrastination. To put it simply, it’s a putting off time-bound things and concentrating on something unimportant. The first step to stop procrastinating is admitting you’re a procrastinator. How to understand it? Well, you have to write a term paper, and the deadline is tough. However, you concentrate on different insignificant affairs.

As soon as you sit to start working you go to make a cup of tea or coffee. Suddenly it crosses your mind that you have to discuss something with your friends or you discover that you want to have some ice cream.

Actually, it’s possible to find a lot of reasons not to do the task. And then when there’s almost no time left you finish writing the term paper at a rapid-fire pace. Does it sound familiar to you? Congratulations! You’re a procrastinator!

Overcoming procrastination in 3 steps!

So, here are a few tips how to overcome procrastination.

Tip 1. Make a to-do list.

It’s very useful. You won’t forget about your projects. Try to place the most important deadlines in the top of your list. You can also write down deadlines of them to know what to do first. Think also about negative effects of procrastination on college students.

Tip 2. Put away your phone and other distracters.

Let’s move on. One of the most effective time management tips is try to avoid any contact with gadgets. Of course, if you need a computer for work, you can use it. But social networks are prohibited. You squander your energy and it gives no effect.

This is also the main reason for college students procrastination. They have a great number of different projects and lack time for them. But they also prefer to spend their free hours doing something unnecessary. Chatting and posting photos are, perhaps, the most favourite procrastination activities for college students.

Tip 3. Just make an effort on yourself.

One of the reasons of college procrastination is a lack of motivation to do unpleasant boring tasks. So, in this case it would be reasonable to create small rewards for yourself. For example, you’ve wanted that dress or those headphones for a long time. Thus, complete your task and get them a reward. Or let yourself eat something tasty after finishing your writing. Overcoming procrastination is the thing that you can do!

A few words about procrastination help

To sum it up, there are several reasons for putting things off. So why do we procrastinate? We expect that task will be boring and unpleasant. Some people put their affairs off subconsciously because the risk of missing deadlines gives them adrenaline and an ability to work more productively. And one more aspect is disorganization.

If you know your reason, you’ll understand how not to procrastinate. Put your phone away, sit in silence and eat some chocolate to enhance your brain activity. In other words, avoid procrastination.