Sample Essay May Be of Great Use to You

Use Sample Essay as a Guide in Writing Your Essay

Pupils usually start to write essays from the high school. Each time when you get a task to complete an essay of a certain type you wonder how to write it. Sample essay may be of great use to you. There are various kinds of essay examples.

If you need to write a discussion essay, so you should search for relative essay samples. There several options in finding the essay examples:

– in Internet there are many interesting essay samples
– search through your university database or ask your instructor if he has good samples for you

If you cannot find relevant essay in Internet, you should ask your instructor if he has some good samples for you. Reading the sample you may see how other students formatted their essays. You may also use sample essay as a guide in writing your essay. But remember that you should follow only the essay samples of a high quality.

Do not repeat the other students’ mistakes. Pay attention how the paragraphs of the essay are organized. Bibliography also plays a crucial role in evaluating the essay. That is why, look thoroughly how the list of references should be presented. It is always organized in an alphabetical order by the first letter of the author’s surname. The links to the web sites are usually placed at the bottom of the bibliography.

1. The first step in writing the essay is a topic selection. Reading different essay samples, you may find interesting topics. Try to choose the topic that has close affinity to you and to the readers. Remember that it is very important to choose the topic that really interests you. If you like the topic so your creativity will flow and you will produce an excellent paper. Also choose a topic that has the most current issues on it.

2. The second step is the investigation and studying of the problem by reviewing the relevant literature sources. Visit your local library and ask for appropriate readings. You may use as the secondary source the information from different web sites. Check if the site is trusted, so you may take without any doubt information from there. Never try to copy the information and use it without reference. You may be immediately detected and accused of plagiarism.

3. Preparation of the essay outline.

In the introductory part you should discuss the significance of your essay topic. Write how your essay findings may apply to some problem or issue. Here you may also describe how you are going to address the problem. Point out what methods you are going to use for your essay research. You may also present some background information in the introductory part. But do not go in details while giving background information. Remember the main information should be presented in the main body. In the conclusion, sum up the main ideas of your essay.

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