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The pricing policy at is strikingly different from what students might find at other sites because our custom writing service is priced based upon the order requirements rather than on whether we already have the subject housed within an order ‘bank’ of essays, term papers and research documents. We cannot provide ‘bargain basement’ pricing on our papers and still guarantee high quality custom results because we hire a professional writer for each and every paper ordered.

Why not go for the lowest price?

  1. Poor quality
  2. Generic papers
  3. Unoriginal

There are writing sites out there that will charge customers a set price per month to provide access to a promised multitude of essays, research papers, dissertations and other written materials in a variety of subjects. Other sites might charge a low, low rate for delivery of a single, targeted essay that addresses the customer’s assignment giving the impression that these orders are also custom written for the customer’s use. In each instance, the customer is given the impression that they are receiving a great bargain.

Don’t be fooled. These sites are able to offer a discount for bulk services because they only hire writers to produce one time and then resell the paper multiple times over whether by including it in an accessible databank or distributing it one paper at a time. This process introduces several disadvantages.

  1. Writers are usually not professional and the end results are often telling as bargain pricing typically means very poor quality.
  2. In order to provide a comprehensive database that would be worth monthly subscriptions, papers need to be generic in their approach, meaning custom services such as those required to effectively respond to a given assignment are difficult or impossible to find.
  3. When papers are found that precisely match the requirements of a given assignment, they are also available to every other individual who has had that assignment in the past and into the future, increasing the likelihood that the customer will be accused of plagiarism, or copying, their paper.
  4. Most colleges and universities have strict plagiarism policies that may include suspension or expulsion from the class or the university, making this a very big risk.

How is different’s dedication to providing original material written exclusively for a single customer with a single purpose in mind requires us to hire only professional writers capable of producing high quality custom essays on an as-needed basis. Our pricing might be a little higher, but the quality of the service and the assurance of originality more than compensate the difference.

  1. Our writers are always professional and the end results are telling as only quality custom results are delivered.
  2. We do not maintain a database of papers that are delivered when ordered, but produce papers only in response to placed assignments, meaning they are highly customized and writers are available to address customer concerns.
  3. All papers delivered by our professional writers are fully customized to the details of the order, meaning no one else has access to the material – ever.
  4. Papers delivered are as original and targeted as if the customer had written it alone.
  5. Discount programs are offered to our returning customers.

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