How to Reflect a Personality on Paper

Personal statements are common nightmares for our customers. The only instructions or prompts provided for some are to convey a sense of unique personality within a few hundred words. For others, a very specific question is provided that must be answered in just the right way, for the candidate to have any chance at admission. The importance of this paper often causes many students to falter, but our professional writers are ready to help meet the challenge.

Writing a personal statement is a serious undertaking, as it will reflect the customer’s unique personality in a variety of ways:

  1. Reflects level of professionalism
  2. Reflects ability to learn from experience
  3. Reflects willingness to learn from experience
  4. Reflects unique experiences that may contribute to the school
  5. Reflects individual motivations and goals
  6. Reflects commitment to achieve

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These papers must not only indicate the character of the potential student, but they must also send a message that the potential student will be an asset to the college of choice. When given the opportunity to write anything, students frequently discover difficulty in pinpointing just what should be included, to fulfill these multiple requirements. When given a specific question, students struggle to determine just how to capture their unique personality, reflecting all of the above within the highly confined space of the question’s range.

Working with each customer individually

Our professional writers can work individually with each customer to help fashion a personal statement properly directed to the admissions board of their choice. When working together in this manner, writers may request more information from their customers, than is required in other areas, such as research writing or term papers.

Educational goals

  • Schools attended
  • Programs studied
  • Intended program
  • Preferred schools

General experience

  • Significant childhood memories (generally speaking – identifying names, etc. would not be required)
  • Significant local or world events that had personal effect
  • Significant recent events

Professional experience

  • General positions held
  • General responsibilities
  • General understandings reached

Personal interests

  • Hobbies and interests of childhood
  • Free-time activities
  • Non-professional activities – i.e. volunteering
  • Hopes for the future

All of this information may not be required, but any information shared is strictly up to the discretion and comfort level of the two parties involved, the customer and the professional writer. All information remains subject to our privacy assurance.

Although the professional writer may be the individual bringing the words together on paper, a great deal of effort and attention is given, to ensure that the completed statement accurately reflects the unique personality and interests of the customer.

As with all of our writing services, personal statement orders can be made with a wide level of professional involvement. Generally, three degrees of service are recognized: writing, editing, and proofreading. Writing is self-explanatory, involving the professional writer in all phases of the personal statement writing process. Editing may include the professional writer assessing pre-written material, and working directly with the customer to reorganize, and/or rewrite to greater or lesser extent to produce a stronger paper. Proofreading ensures your personal statement does not reflect sloppy work, poor grammar, or other negative impressions.