5 Paragraph Essay Format

Learn 5 paragraph essay formats and write A+ essays

5 Paragraph Essay Format5 paragraph essay format is an easy type of essay writing. Practically, it is a basic format of essay writing. Students are more ready to write on simple topics highlighting easy issues than analyzing whole books. It seems to be intimidating to read tons of papers, to meet the deadlines, to achieve the goals when dealing with serious essay topic. 5 paragraph essays set students at ease. Small size of essay helps to master writing techniques, to learn how to organize thoughts and how to compose great piece of writing. 5 paragraph essay task is a great opportunity to develop your writing skills and to learn how to deal with intricate writing styles, forms and essay types. Write 5 paragraph essays well and you will definitely figure out how everything works and how it is better to overcome the difficulties.

Thesis statement

Essay is not about thought revealing and telling the story. It is a piece of writing which requires personal feedback on the issues which interest many people all over the world. In other words it is a serious piece of writing which requires certain level of contribution and input. First of all, it is necessary to learn how to defend your point of view. Thesis statement is the core element of the essay which should be properly developed, well-thought and seriously considered. Essay writing process is similar to debate class. You should ask yourself opposing questions. In such a way you will definitely find perfect arguments and excellent thesis statement.


Outline is a plan of the essay. It is a good way to organize thoughts and to generate interesting ideas. Sometimes writing activity seems to be extremely difficult. Students cannot come up with interesting and catching ideas which turns out to be extremely complicated and difficult. Effective writing can be guaranteed only on the condition that the person is ready to conduct profound investigation and has a lot of time to organize all the parts of writing. Outline helps to make essay writing process perfect.


The main aspect of essay writing is about structure. It is necessary to pay attention to many factors. Essay structure is very important. There are some basic elements without which no essay can be written. In order to get the best results and to understand how everything should work every person should get ready to deal with real aspects of writing and to master it perfectly well.

1 paragraph: Introduction + Thesis Statement
2 paragraph: 1 Argument + Evidences, Examples supporting the argument
3 paragraph: 2 Argument + Evidences, Examples supporting the argument
4 paragraph: 2 Argument + Evidences, Examples supporting the argument
5 paragraph: Conclusion – restating of the thesis statement

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