50 Top Interesting Essay Topics to Give You Great Writing Ideas

We came up with 5 dozens of interesting themes that could be a perfect basis for your essays.

  1. Sure enough this topic is quite general but still you have a possibility to give your opinion on life style, healthy eating, going in for sports and stress avoiding.
  2. Diets.
  3. Depression: myth or reality.
  4. Junk food: tasty and deathful.

Essay writing without global issues is impossible

Let’s continue with that essay topics objects of which many volunteers around the world deal every day with.

  1. Alcohol abuse. It is one of those persuasive essay topics which can change somebody’s life.
  2. Drug abuse.
  3. Child labour.
  4. Human trafficking. Not the simplest one of topics for essay to write about but nobody says solving problems is an easy process.
  5. Unemployment.
  6. Teen pregnancy.
  7. Abortion.
  8. Famine.
  9. Violence.

What about essay writing about positive things?

  1. Hobby.
  2. Reading: why is it useful? Is it really important to make children to read?
  3. Building a career or creating a family? A lot of people often have to choose between these two things. Argumentative essay topics stimulate your thinking.
  4. Love.
  5. Marriage: when, who and why.

Now just different writing topics.

  1. Divorce: a big fail or a reasonable decision?
  2. Who should decide whether children stay with one of parents?
  3. Art copies life or vice versa?
  4. Are problems and their solving described in books of previous centuries still actual for us?
  5. What was our life like if we wouldn’t have created music?
  6. No criminality. Imagine that crimes and evil have never existed.
  7. An alternative variant of our civilization’s development. Probably this is one the best essay topics.
  8. Happiness.
  9. Friendship between a man and a woman.
  10. Not all young people think that they need to enter the university or go to school.
  11. Population ageing.
  12. Women’s rights.
  13. Why is it important to give children a pat on the back?
  14. And, of course, quitting this habit is one of your essay ideas.
  15. Reasons for smoking.
  16. Refugees.
  17. Peacemakers.
  18. Why do people need war?
  19. Sometimes it’s used with not very honourable intentions.
  20. How has the internet changed our life?
  21. Do the elderly always deserve to be respected by the young?
  22. Would it possible to make all people equal?
  23. Do children really need to be said that Santa exist?
  24. Globalization.
  25. When adult children live with parents.
  26. Retirement home. Is it mean to send parents to a retirement home?
  27. Unwanted pregnancy: abortion, children’s home or upbringing?
  28. Is it necessary to be able to forgive?
  29. Revenge.
  30. Terrorism.
  31. College.
  32. Fee-based and free education. But is there any difference in quality of knowledge?
  33. Ideal president.

So you have 51 different topics for essay writing and maybe you’ll find something interesting for you. We wish you a successful writing process!