A Separate Peace Essay Topics That Will Impress Your Examiner

A Separate Peace novel was the work of the author, John Knowles. It’s a literal flashback piece narrated by Gene; set at a period during World War II. Besides, the novel is Knowles’s autobiographical work describing his experience at a boarding school in New England together with his fellow student. Gene is the protagonist and an intellectual whiz-a contrast to his friend Finny who is a talented athlete. Both attended summer session at Devon school to prepare their entry into the university.

The plot features many turns and twists. During the summer of 1942, Finny, now a close companion of Gene hatches a plan to form a suicide society. One of the goals of the organization was the have members jump from a tree into the Devon River. At the time, Gene had become jealous of Finny’s assumed academic prowess.

The climax of the rivalry ends tragically after Gene shook a tree’s branch causing Finny to fall and break his leg. With a career ruined, Finny focuses on academics while Gene tries a hand in athletics.

This novel has griping narration that will not only make it appealing to analyze but also discover topics you can discuss in your essay. It can be hard to find a good topic if you have no background understanding of what the author wishes to communicate in the texts. There are numerous themes featured in the novel like guilt, friendship, jealousy, and anger. Each of them can be broken down into many topics.

Expert Guide on How to Select the Best a Separate Peace Essay Topic

The practical way to come up with a topic to analyze literal work is examining the themes used by the author. You can also relate the issues to events in our modern world. Besides, the element of symbolism, imagery and literal devices can provide ideas that could be harnessed to create a topic and thesis statement.

Start by reading the book thoroughly and learn the symbolism and themes employed by the author. Additionally, examine all the aspects of the novel including any hidden messages. It is through this that you are likely to pick a unique and exciting topic that is uncommon.

Besides, try to examine the novel from a different perspective or angle. This could be an event that happened during the writing of the novel and probably influenced the author’s thoughts or feelings.

List of a Separate Peace Essay Topics to Get You Started Writing

If you are experiencing a challenge to come up with your topic, have a look at our question prompts that will guide you in identifying topics from the novel. If you decide to pick any of our topics, research on it to discover ideas to support your arguments. Below is an excellent list of A Separate Peace essay topic ideas:

  • Reflection
  • Reality
  • Rebellion
  • Memories
  • Innocence
  • War and peace
  • Co-dependency
  • Jealousy
  • Conscience and guilt
  • Fear
  • Rules and order
  • Youth
  • Identity
  • Denial
  • Change in times of crisis
  • Friendship

The Best A Separate Peace Essay Questions that Earn Top Scores

A topic question should be engaging to arouse some interest. Take a look of these essay questions obtained from the themes, setting, plot, and characters. You can borrow them to include in your paper.

  • What is the nature of Leper’s character and his relationship with Gene and Finny?
  • Describe the natural setting of the scene in regards to the events and characters. Does the setting differ with thematic content of the scenes?
  • What is the symbolism of Finny’s fall?
  • What is the significance of the competition between Gene and Finny? In what context does the pursuit in academic and sports play in their rivalry?
  • How does the theme of humanity’s goodness vs. inherent evil play a part in the novel?
  • Does the title, of the novel, ‘A Separate Peace’ and the setting during warfare contradict?
  • In what ways is the relationship between Funny and Gene interdependent considering they have an unsteady interaction?
  • How reliable is Gene in narrating and recalling memories?

Compelling A Separate Peace Essay Ideas: Get Professional Help

The primary aim of the topic is to highlight and analyze the significant elements in the novel. You also get a chance to state your reaction at the conclusion. Essay topics can be derived from the novel’s literal aspect like characters. The protagonist, Gene and his friend Finny are portrayed as having different virtues. Consequently, they represent different symbols and themes that would mean you can cast the net wide to get the topics.

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