Can Argumentative Essay on Tobacco Make People Quit Smoking?

Smoking has a quite long history. European discovered tobacco when they arrived in America. They saw Indians chewing leaves of this plant there. It was the beginning of the story.

Now 36.5 million adults in the United States have such a habit. And many of them may know that quitting smoking is difficult enough. There’re a lot of ways to stop it but they do for not all people. So, smoking essay can hardly persuade somebody to quit this habit. Perhaps banning tobacco is a possible way to decrease a number of smoking population.

Smoking essay: What should be mentioned?

As it has been already said, the law banning tobacco could help fight against this habit. But it’s necessary for the author to be unbiased. So, argumentative essay banning tobacco should mention cons and pros of the law, especially consequences. Let’s start with positive aspects.

First of all, a law is a stricter and more effective than a social advertisement. A crowd can be controlled only with its help. We can imagine that this law provides several month or one year in jail. Then people would think better whether they really need smoking. A mulct is also a good idea but it will work in countries where population has a low paying capacity. The next advantage of banning tobacco law that should be mentioned in a smoking cigarettes essay is that lawbreakers can perform a community service.

But this way has also some cons. If there’s a prohibition, there will be also those people who go against it. Remember the Prohibition in the 1920-s-1930-s. Americans searched for different ways to evade the law. Producing of alcohol was a business of gangsters. So prohibition fed criminality. You can also say in your essay on tobacco that every person has right to decide what life style to choose. If this activity doesn’t harm anybody, it can exist. So, here it’s time to mention in an argumentative essay on smoking those cases when adults give a cigarette to their children. Unfortunately, these actions are really hard to control.

Argumentative essay on smoking: If not banning then perhaps revealing consequences?

Sure enough effects of smoking essay are extremely insignificant. So, in this case social advertisement might have some influence on people. It’s also useful to make smoking speech at schools because children should understand probable consequences. Many posters, short videos and other methods to influence people have not so immediate effect but it bears fruits. Smoking effects essay also helps its author to reflect on this unhealthy habit.

Do not forget to give your own opinion on the theme in your smoking argumentative essay. You should be unbiased but your thoughts are also very important. Even if you think there’s nothing wrong in this habit, this article will help you to write an essay for smoking.