Biology Coursework – Pilot Study or Theoretical Writing?

Biology Coursework is a Work of Two Components

Biology coursework can be divided into two parts – practical and written. This type of academic assignment implies experimenting as a part of research writing. Thus writing biology research papers can be a fun to do but at the same time, a challenging one has to overcome.

Like any other research project biology coursework should present a thesis statement and based on your suggestion and knowledge in the filed one develops hypotheses which are to be proved or rejected during testing. One has also thought over research method and describe it in the paper.

Before making a test one should start with writing an outline for the testing procedure and put every detail in the paper to be sure of correct results of testing. One describes factors to be changed and factors which stay the same, measurement scale and instruments used in the testing procedure. It is also required to think over safety measures and make sure that you follow safety rules very carefully. The choice of instruments is also very important and one needs to find the best tool to explore this or that natural phenomenon.

During the testing procedure, one needs to do detailed records of measurements or detailed description of observations. It is also necessary to foresee possible deviations and gaps in research methods and describe them in a separate section of biology coursework.

The accuracy of the result will determine the quality of the coursework. This one should be well prepared for testing. If one’s testing results do not fit the well-established pattern, you should check all the stages of a testing procedure to find out where you may go wrong. If you find your testing results unchanged after repeated testing, you can develop your coursework into a dissertation and present new information as a scientific novelty. With more in-depth research in the dissertation project, you are likely to achieve more accurate results.

The conclusion section of a coursework will be a synthesis of literature studies findings and testing results. In other words, the conclusion should be based on theoretical knowledge and pilot study findings. It should be strong and persuasive so that readers are confident in your results.

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