How to Write Business Ethics Literature Review Essays?

Business ethics literature review essays are very common for business students. Similarly, students commonly come across comparative literature essays, Chinese literature essays article reviews, and many other tasks of writing essays about literature.

AP English Literature Sample Essays

How to write AP English literature sample essays? The below are a few tips on how to write essays for AP literature:

  • As you know, the literature works used in the AP literature examination vary widely in their time of origin, place of origin, and content. For example, there are Greek plays like Antigone, The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, and The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. That means you need to read a lot, that is, all the books you can from 16th to 21st
  • Write in a cohesive and coherent manner. An important rule of the ap literature examination is ‘always give the monkey what it wants’. That is, you should learn to write in a disciplined manner with proper paragraphing, introduction, thesis, body paragraphs and conclusion. To become familiar with writing essays about literature, you need to read English literature example essays, in fact, plenty of them.
  • The introduction of your literature essay should be brief and it should offer some idea about the direction of your essay.
  • Provide adequate evidence for each point you put forward regarding the themes, characters, styles etc. That means each point you make should be supported by examples from the text.
  • Quote things right. Yes, this is important to show that you are familiar with the text and that you are able to use colon and quotation marks correctly.
  • Keep a formal language. Using a chatty language will make your essay look childish. So the language should be academic and formal.

Samples of Literature Review Essays

Are samples of literature review essays useful? Obviously they are because literature review involves exploring and evaluating the literature on a specific topic. That means literature review needs to synthesize the contribution from different authors and then critically analyze the strength and weakness of each of them.

If you read an example literature review essays, you can see that it contains:

  • Introduction- Establish the context for the review and put forward the main contentions.
  • Body paragraphs- Different paragraphs which explain, explore, and support the main contentions.
  • Conclusion- Restating the contention by summing up the main points.

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