Outstanding Comparative Essay Topics

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Wondering How to Select the Best Comparative Essay Topic?

The very first step of developing an outstanding essay is finding the right topic. When writing a comparative essay, you need to find a topic that is narrow enough for you to look at all relevant points. If you choose a broad subject or topic, you won’t be able to fully cover all the key points, and thus your essay will seem underdeveloped.

Find a topic you are interested in. Of course, the discipline you are undertaking is broad, and there are a few topics that interest you. Pick a topic that interests you most of all, and you will have a constant flow of ideas when writing your assignment paper.

A Brilliantly Compiled List of Comparative Essay Topics by Professionals

It’s high time we gave an answer to our readers’ question. So, what are the best essay topics for students? Here are some good ones.

Famous Individuals

People known all over the world like famous musicians and celebrities or influential political figures will always attract and interest a reader. This is a chance for a writer to explore their favorite stars and catch any reader’s eye by comparing their lives. These may include:

  • Compare the private lives of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey.
  • Compare the political views of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.
  • Compare the celebrity lives of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.

Political and Historical Science

This typically covers politics and cultural diversity in different countries. This is a chance to evaluate different political regimes of countries. You could choose to analyze countries based on a number of things such as communism and capitalism systems or gender rights in different countries. Some of the relevant topics include:

  • Compare the level of development in Saudi Arabia versus Africa.
  • Compare and contrast Donald Trump’s and Barack Obama’s policies.
  • Level of employment in China versus Japan.
  • The efficiency of American government and the UK government.
  • The lifestyle in antique Greece and modern Greece.
  • Compare the Soviet Union and the European Union.
  • Compare Nazism versus fascism.
  • Compare modern schools and schools of the 18th century.
  • History of Miami versus the history of Hawaii.

Comparative Essays for Beginners

These are topics for students who are new to this kind of essays. Discover these compare and contrast topics for starters to create a shiny piece:

  • Compare and contrast driving a bicycle and gyro board.
  • Compare and contrast sending emails and writing paper letters.
  • Compare and contrast reading a book and listening to an audiobook.
  • Compare and contrast the benefits of being a woman and a man.
  • Compare the role of smartphones now and phones at the time of their inception.
  • Compare and contrast winter holidays and summer vacation.
  • Contrast fast food and expensive restaurants.
  • Compare life in a small town and living in a huge
  • The effects of eating junk food against good and healthy food.

Clash of the Opposites

These are the essays that are meant to compare the opposites of an element.

  • Distinguish the vegetarians from vegans.
  • Distinguish eBay from Amazon.
  • Compare PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Distinguish and compare the physiological peculiarities of white race and black race.
  • Distinguish and explain the benefits of freelancing and working in the office.
  • The benefits of online studying and a regular college.
  • The difference between electronic and printed books.
  • The benefits of living in a house and living in an apartment.
  • The nutritional difference between tea and coffee.

Teenage Comparative Essays

These essay topics are favorable for teenagers or are simply excellent topics if you want to craft comparative essays that resonate with teenagers the most. These include:

  • Comparison of addiction to drugs and addiction to computers.
  • Compare online dating and real-life dating.
  • Compare falling in love to riding a rollercoaster.
  • Compare modern kids and kids that lived in 1900.
  • Compare online shopping and going to the store.
  • Compare the advantages of designer clothes or cheap clothes.
  • Compare the effects of a good school teacher and a lousy school teacher.
  • Compare a Harry Potter book and its movie adaptation.
  • Compare the influence of parents and the influence of teachers.

IT and Social Media Comparative Essays

If you have a significant interest essay in IT and social media sphere, here are some brilliant topics in this field:

  • Compare email and messengers communication.
  • Compare and contrast Microsoft and Apple.
  • Compare and contrast laptops and personal computers.
  • Compare the efficiency of Windows versus Linux.
  • Compare the efficiency of iOS and Android.
  • Compare and contrast online friends and real friends.
  • Compare and contrast Facebook versus Instagram.
  • Compare and contrast talking to friends on Skype and meeting them in person.
  • Compare and contrast Viber and Skype.
  • Compare the advantages of texting and calling

These are just some of the many compare and contrast essay topics a student can focus on with ease. If you still think you might not be able to put together an impressive essay on these topics, you can hire one of our expert writers to do it for you as you use your time for other pressing matters.

Frequently Asked Comparative Essay Questions

Questions in comparative essays are different based on your particular discipline. But how they are answered is quite similar. Questions for comparative essays should typically be answered with topics that are closely related. If you decide to choose a topic on sports, find contrasting features in the types of sports. You should never choose topics that do not have any relation whatsoever. If you do so, it will be challenging to compare the features since they are worlds apart. However, art students don’t really have a barrier when it comes to compare and contrast essays. They can compare two things that are completely different by using an artistic point of view.

Exploring Comparative Essay Ideas from Experts

Coming up with essay ideas for relevant topics or write-ups has proven to be really hard over the years when it comes to comparative essays. But with the essay topic ideas we have provided, you can now take a breather. Other essay ideas may include a comparison of the Catholic and Orthodox churches, the Christian and Muslim beliefs, analog and digital watches, football and basketball among many others.

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