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Future of Automotive Design

What say? Aren’t they looking like super models? Who wouldn’t love to owe such a car? I personally feel they are looking like supermodels. Let’s find out what technology they presently owe and what are up for the future. Gone are the days when automobiles were just used for easy transportation. One can imagine the face of a person who if is alive since 1758 to 2009, would experience a complete makeover. Majority of the world’s population is now dependent on automobiles for any mode of transportation which made it necessary to have basic knowledge about the industry, trends and few technical details. Recession has definitely affected the sales but the design sector is still competitive and challenging. Customers are up for latest versions. Any new technology is out dated within a span of two to four years which makes it compulsory on the makers to develop new design and show benefits compared to the older ones. Body changes have been taking place irrespective of inside technology being changed.

Recession in the global economy has also brought change in the approach of the customers in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness to keep away from global warming. As many nations are paying attention to find alternatives for the fuel which are oil dependent and at improving emissions, one of the solutions could be electrification. Various battery operated vehicles such as Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV), Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and Electric vehicles are expected to climb the ladder of sales steeply in recent future. Various companies have already shown experimental electric cars at this year’s North American International Auto Show. Hybrid automobiles need accurate management and coordination within electric motor and gasoline engine which shall be an added advantage regarding control and communication. Advanced In-vehicle networking is the answer for all these.

The new frontier in computer aided designs is focusing on four wheels. As various electronic gadgets such as cameras, televisions and many more are converted into a sought of  computers by the use of microprocessors and wireless Internet connections, the technology is being developed to transform the driving accessories by putting an internet and its features on the dash board. The technology behind this change is In-vehicle networking. The advancement in the technology will simulate the control systems operation which helps to enhance the features by adding increased control modules for high-speed data networking. The network developed shall provide data like departure from lane (warning system); moist road conditions if any and suggests avoiding any mishaps by guiding with a solution regarding driving.

This new technology also promises to give good communication to fictitiously control all the mechanical and electric automotive systems for example from wind shield wipers to braking and suspension, heating and air condition systems. This really replaces the cumbersome and complex wiring technology which weighs almost fifty kilograms. Like computer networks this also has protocols developed after prolonged research to follow so that which data is received? What action needs to be taken? shall be immediately responded. Among various protocols developed the significant ones followed by most manufacturers are LIN (local inter connect network), CAN (control area network) and FlexRay. FlexRay is expected to rule over the coming generation cars as it is a high-speed network and works well with time critical applications.      There has been rigorous competition regarding the look and the materials to be used to get such a look on the car i.e., the materials used for the body. BMW has come up with new technology which it shall implement in its next generation cars. It is the concept of fabric skin which helps the car to have a sub-structure. One example is the car headlights, when not active they are hidden in fabric cover and as soon as the lights are turned on the contours at the front end changes and the covered fixtures shall move to the side.

There has been up gradation in various parts of the vehicles which are specified in the websites of famous brands. The stated future designs are ready to get implemented. Hope the information given entertains and provides sufficient information to expect the technology ahead for the reader about the future generation automotives.


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