Helpful Dissertation Data Analysis Writing Tips from Experts

One of the most crucial processes involved in dissertation writing is how to treat the data collected. How you handle the data determines the credibility of the whole research. The analysis is supposed to cover all areas. Moreover, do it in such a way that the readers find it easy to comprehend your findings. Hence, you need to be very attentive when performing the task. For most students, the thought of handling numbers is a real torture. It gets worse if there is a huge volume of data involved.

Some tips can make the work more manageable for you. Look at the information below on what you should do.

Top Dissertation Data Analysis Writing Tips

The analysis of the data is made easier if the source of the data is credible. Some students think that they can make their work easier by copying available data from internet sources. However, the truth is that in such a case you are likely to encounter several problems when conducting your data analysis. Firstly, the data may not be relevant to your topic of research. Secondly, the source of the data may not be credible. Some of the tips for dissertation data analysis are explained below.

Ensure That the Data Is Relevant

Do not just assume that the data you have is appropriate for the subject you have chosen. Closely screen it to ensure that it meets your exact research objectives and deal only with the data that meets your main aim.

In case there is any information that does not make sense, remove it completely. When you include irrelevant data, the readers get the impression that you do not have a grasp of the area of study. As such, you should explain why you opted for that specific type of data. The readers also need to know how you obtained the data; the specific instruments and methods used in data collection, and if there was any assumption during the data collection process. This way, you ensure that the reader has adequate background information and they can easily correlate the data to the topic of research.

Choose the Appropriate Data Analysis Method

The method you use to analyze the data should be in tandem with the type of data collected and the research objectives. Knowing how to use the various statistical analysis software can make the task even more manageable. Give a justification as to why you chose that analysis method. The reader has to know that you did not just opt for the method by chance but that there were specific considerations that guided your choice. For instance, the treatment given to the data by those pursuing engineering courses is different from the ones studying a course like marketing.

Use the Right Data Grouping Methodologies

Present that data in a way that the reader can separate the contribution of the different variables easily. You can use graphs, charts, and tables since they are easier to comprehend. Since the research focuses on a subject that directly affects the readers, they should be the main focus of the work that you do. Even if you have data from the most credible sources, the whole project becomes useless because the work is disorganized. Work with the assumption that the reader is unfamiliar with the project and would want to get information from you. Properly organized data makes the work of the reader easier. Moreover, determining the trends in the data becomes easier.

Attach Proper Description to Your Data

There are many aspects of the data you are supposed to describe in a dissertation. For instance, you need to identify and explain the trend of the data and the pattern that the information follows. In case there are any inconsistencies, identify and explain them while highlighting the impact they have on the research. Finally, you need to state the points drawn from the data analysis. Moreover, you should also relate your data to an existent finding on the same subject. Through the description, you can also ascertain its suitability.

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