What Points Should Be Mentioned in Your Alcohol Essay

Unfortunately, alcohol consumption is widely prevalent. Moreover, it’s possible to meet drunk children in some countries. It is clear enough that the problem should be solved but probably it needs some time. Essay writing by students is unlikely to change the situation immediately but it will make small steps towards improvement.

Research paper on alcoholism: what to write about

You can start your paper with a drug abuse essay introduction. Alcohol causes a serious addiction. Thus, it’s possible to say that too much drinking is a drug abuse. To prove it, you can compare consequences and reasons of both unhealthy habits in your essay on alcoholism.

Then you can analyze reasons why people consummate alcohol.

  1. To relieve suffering from mental illnesses and depression.
  2. Because they had bad role models (family members, friends).
  3. They are bored.
  4. To overcome stress.
  5. To ease pain.
  6. Because of their past.

Indeed, this is only a very short list. Perhaps, you know more reasons. Feel free to mention them in your alcohol addiction essay.

If there are problems or issues, there should be a remedy. In this case, men and women are a little bit different. Perhaps, you know that women have deeper addiction than men.

In your research paper on alcoholism, it’s possible to compare influence of regular drinking on both sexes. It means you can describe impact on their appearance and behavior. Also lasting alcohol abuse influences mental activities. People lose their skills and memories. In other words, this addiction causes degradation.

One more consequence of alcoholism is impact on the reproductive system. It’s obvious that there are very few chances chronic alcoholics will have healthy children.

Actually, alcoholism has a lot of consequences: bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, depression, cancer, memory loss, etc.

So, how to treat alcohol abuse? Actually, the main thing is motivation. If a person doesn’t want to abandon this habit, there’s a low probability the strongest methods will help. Thus, in your essay on alcohol you can write about the importance of motivation.

One of the most popular ways to make somebody stop drinking is alcohol abuse hypnosis. Also there exist different kinds of medicine. There are also methods of cognitive-behavioral and motivational enhancement therapies.

It’s also necessary to say a few words about prevention of alcohol abuse. This means to control how much you drink and limit yourself.

Essay help: if writing is not for you

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