Ethics Essay is A Format of Moral Dilemmas

Ethics Essay Supposes Solving Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics essay, whatever easy it may seem for you, is rather a challenging task as you need to solve some moral dilemmas and it is not easy to be a fair judge. This type of essay is a good practice tool for the development of your opinion and extending your vision of the problems of everyday life.

Every student of the high educational institution faces the task of writing ethics essay. What you should mind when dealing with this essay format?

First of all, there are certain adopted rules and principles in human society which regulate the behavior of all members of it and these are usually universal. It is not moral to steal things in any society and any society punishes for stealing of any kind. There are a lot of moral dilemmas to be covered in ethics essay but it is preferable that they are closely related to your life. If, for example, you are a nurse student, you can find a topic dealing with ethical behavior in nursing. You can discuss if it is ethical to share patients’ information with his/her relatives without the prior consent of the ill person. You can think over a question of patient-doctor confidentiality issue or nursing of terminally ill patients. Actually, the medical field gives a vast field for analysis of ethical issues and you can surely find something to your liking.

Since moral and ethical problems were often handled by philosophers, you can refer to their works and find backup information which can be a helpful and very firm basis for your arguments.

Everyday life also offers a lot of situation which requires an ethical approach to their solving. Thus in the ethical essay, you learn to develop your vision on certain controversial problems and find a way to avoid a situation where ethics are questioned. One of the widely discussed problems which can be viewed in the ethical domain is abortion. Is it ethical to kill a baby? Or is it ethical to refuse an abortion for a woman who has been raped? The ethical essay does not suppose director terminal answers to the questions. It supposes viewing the problem from different perspectives and giving your opinion supported by facts, other views, and ethical principles.

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