Friendship Essay Example


Friendship is a consistent feature of every society. This suggests that friendship will possess constant features in different contexts. There has been intriguing news about intimate relationships between animals of different species. Among animals, they work in droves as a means towards their survival. In the end, the community is bound by an intimate relationship that would be adequately defined as friendship.  It is vital to highlight that friendship is an intimate link that thrives on mutual care and compassion between individuals. This characterizes friendship as invaluable element among individuals. In this context, I define three types of friendships that I have encountered.

To begin with, I have encountered the circumstantial friends. These are types of friendships that never evolved to become lifelong relationships. This suggests that there are scenarios that bound us for a meager period of time. When the situations ended, the friendships wilted and attained low emotional link. It is vital to highlight of the instance of friends in the lower grades of classes. As young children, there was significant enjoyment of play time and rivalries that easily faded into friendships. As time progressed, these earlier friends had transfers to other schools.  The contacts easily regressed and destroyed the friendship that existed among us. This is because the class scenarios, that bounded us, ended. Besides, there are the friends that I have encountered on the application of internships and subsequent temporary employment. On the end of the contract, the friendship usually fades.

In addition, I have encountered utility friends. These are the types of friends that exist in functional circumstances (Davies 18). In this sense, there is mild emotional connection between the involved individuals. However, this does eliminate the possibility of the friendships’ growth. In the end, the friendships might surge to more intimate relationships. The core constraint of their growth pertains to the idea of context that builds the relationships. Utility friends are the individuals who have found themselves unconsciously connected with others. In the beginning, the main idea of forming the relationship overrides the future friendship. After some period, individuals possess the capability of forming emotional connection with others. For instance, ideas of class discussion groups, first, emphasize on delivering class assignments and comprehending course work. On the end of semesters, such links regress into minimal contacts between previously close individuals. In real life contexts, utility friends would relate to business partners who all share the unified motive of making profits.

Lastly, there exist the lifelong friends.  The lifelong friends manifest in form of their steadfastness towards the relationship. These friends strive to build one another. This is the model of a friend of whom one may offer the intimate information of one’s life. This sharing of intimate information rides on the idea of trust.  An example of such a friend relate to a best friend.

It is discernible that friendship is an invaluable link among individuals. It helps strengthen the sense of life. In this context, I have encountered three models of friends. This ignores the idea that friendships should possess similar qualities and features. To begin with, there is the circumstantial friend that an individual encounters on temporary scenarios. In addition, there are the utility friends that an individual only encounters on constructive purposes. Lastly, there is the model of a lifelong friend that wholly accepts and understands a fellow partner in friendship.

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