Learn how to Write Geography Essay Using Essay Writing Guide

Geography Essay Offers a Wide Range of Topics

Geography essay is an academic assignment that is related to Geography studies.
It may become an easy writing if you use the plan and mind tips on how to write a good geography essay:

1. Think about what topic you want to choose for your essay.

Geography includes a lot of aspects to study. That is why think of the field of geography from which you want to pick up the topic. For example, you may take country-specific studies and choose for your essay some country to discuss. It is really interesting to discover the peculiarities, traditions, geographical conditions of different countries. Besides, while completing the essay on this topic you will broaden your world outlook. Choose a topic that involves a lot of discussions. You should choose a topic that you truly understand.

Do not pick up too broad, difficult or obscure topic. For example, if you have decided to write your essay about the definite country, they may specify the climate conditions of this country or mineral products that one can find in this country. Moreover, you may describe in your essay not the whole country but the definite region or location. Then you can more concentrate on the problem and do not waste your time on studying too broad topic.

2. Study the literature on the topic. Find the necessary literature and make a critical reading of it. There are several sources from which you can get information for the geography essay writing:

  • Textbooks in geography. You may go to the library and find the appropriate readings there. While reading the book, point out the title of the book and its author. Sometimes students also write the library call number of the book, so if they need the issue again, the library attendants could quickly find it in the database.
  • Maps, atlases, outline maps.
  • Geographical encyclopedias.
  • Internet.
  • Geography essay samples online etc.

3. Make a detailed plan of your essay. Include the following parts to the outline:

  • the introduction
  • the main body
  • the conclusion

In the introductory part, write a thesis statement. Point out the main purpose of your essay. Here you may also state the essay research question. Try to make your introduction short but appealing.

Remember that your essay should possess such qualities as coherence and sequence. Try to develop your ideas logically through the paragraphs of the main body. Make an objective essay. While writing about the facts try to be unbiased. Pay attention to the following rules:
– Do not make personal statements. For example, I think that…

– Do not write long sentences. There is always a possibility to make a grammatical mistake in long sentences.

In the concluding part, give a summary of the essay. Think if you managed to achieve all the goals that you stated in the introduction. Give answer to the research question.

When proofreading the text, pay attention to the content of the essay. It should be legible and informative. Correct all grammar or spelling mistakes, if you have any.

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