20 Perfect Holocaust Essay Topics and Questions

The Holocaust is a major part of world history, and over the years it has been analyzed politically, religiously and even in the education systems. Students undertaking history related courses are likely to encounter this type of essay. This guide provides tips on how to select great holocaust topics and also offers some sample topics ideas and questions.

Do You Know How to Select the Best Holocaust Essay Topic?

The Holocaust has been broken down and analyzed from various possible angles giving students a range of topics to choose from. What should you consider when selecting holocaust topics?

Complexity of the Topic

Choose a topic that you are familiar with and which you have a good level of understanding on the subject.

Interest or Motivation

Selecting topics based on your interest or curiosity in a particular area can fuel your research and discussions in the essay.

Size of the Topic

Topics can vary in size depending on what they are about. Therefore, pick one that best fulfills the requirements of the word count. Narrow down wide topics and avoid the ones that are too narrow.

Re-Use a Topic

Your previous topics or essays can give you an idea of what to write about. Think about a previous topic you wrote about the Holocaust that you could modify to fit the requirements of the essay.

You can adjust a related topic or write about a different aspect of a similar idea. However, be careful with this approach to avoid repeating what you previously wrote since it would be regarded as a lack of creativity. The point is that if you decide to re-use a topic, with a new perspective on the topic, it should be seen as legitimate.

Have a Peek at Our List of Holocaust Essay Topics

We have gathered some topics that you can use for your essays and even guide you in creating your own.

  • Countries involved in the Holocaust
  • The role Hitler politics played in the occurrence of the Holocaust
  • Major reasons why Jewish people were the main target of the Holocaust
  • The treatment of Jewish people before, during and after the Holocaust.
  • The Nazi attitudes towards organized religions as reflected on their policies
  • The core elements of the Nazi ideology
  • Factors that contributed to the rise of Nazism
  • The cost of the Holocaust and World War II: Financial and human lives loses
  • The attitude of the Catholic churches on the Jews persecution by Nazis
  • Hitler’s goals for initiating World War II
  • The period after war: Nuremberg trials and thoughts of the international community
  • Groups, organizations, and nations that spoke against the Holocaust
  • The first few steps the Nazis took against the Jews
  • Reactions of the Allies towards the Holocaust
  • The impact of the Holocaust on nations in Europe and the modern world
  • Politics standing behind the Holocaust besides Hitler
  • The origin of death camps
  • Survival and liberation of Jews from the Holocaust
  • Techniques used by Nazi security agencies
  • Three ways the Holocaust could have been stopped

Holocaust Essay Questions: The Core Aspects to Think Over

Take a look at these essay questions we have gathered.

  • What proof is there that the Holocaust occurred for doubting people?
  • Why did the Holocaust target the Jewish people?
  • How did Hitler get enough influence to initiate the Holocaust?
  • What did the Catholic Church and other prominent religious groups do or say about the Holocaust?
  • Did Hitler have a Jewish background?
  • How did the majority of the Holocaust victims perish?
  • Is there a possibility of an event like the holocaust reoccurring?
  • Did the Jews residing in Europe know what was going to happen to them?
  • How are the Holocaust survivors coping today?
  • How did the Germans define or identify Jews?

Some Holocaust Essay Ideas We Have Gathered for You

Below are some ideas you can build into good essay topics about the Holocaust.

  • Final solution
  • Hitler’s background
  • Nuremberg trials
  • The Allies response
  • The resistance
  • Holocaust children
  • Concentration camps for Jews
  • The concept of the master race
  • Other events similar to the Holocaust

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