Helpful Tips on How to Make a Cover Page for an Essay

A cover page, as the name suggests, is the very first page of an academic assignment that includes general but necessary information about a written work. Cover pages are widely used in the academic environment to provide basic formal information about the academic paper.

The process of developing a cover page for a paper is not a difficult task. However, if it is not adequately done, you can lose valuable points. The thing is that students very often overlook the formatting part when working on academic assignments, which leads to the submission of improperly formatted cover pages and lowering the grades.

If you are here because you need to include a cover page in your paper, you should know that in such a case, you are expected to find a way to format your papers by yourself or using appropriate writing style guides. Nonetheless, in this guide, you will find out everything you should know about proper formatting of the cover page.

What Is an Essay Cover Page? Why Is It Needed?

Cover, or title, pages are a common feature of the APA, Chicago, and Harvard styles of writing. At the same time, you should note that in such a writing style as MLA, a cover page is not needed. Thus, the inclusion of a title page in your academic paper should always be confirmed with the teacher before.

What is more, failure to include a title page when one is required results in a negative first impression and even losing some points. If you are expected to deliver your assignment with a cover page, it should contain some basic information as well as any other information you are directed to include. Such information includes:

  • A header
  • Title of the document
  • Student’s full name
  • Admission number
  • Subject
  • Course
  • Teacher’s name
  • The name of the educational institution
  • Date of submission

However, not all the information mentioned above is necessary for all writing styles. The point is that only the topic, the student’s full name, institution, and the submission date are a must. It is also essential to put the title. However, it is important to note that teachers may provide specific instructions for your cover pages or merely direct you to use a particular style of writing.

Regardless of the information, you are required to present on the cover page of an essay, you should start at one-third of the page, and the font should be double-spaced and centred. Write the title and your name, then skip a few lines and include the date of submission of your assignment. The header contains the subject of the assignment and the page numbers, all written within the 1-inch margin at the top of the page.

The main reason institutions and teachers require you to include a cover page for most academic assignments is to allow you to provide some basic information on the assignment and yourself. However, this can also be a downside if the cover page is not correctly formatted as it will form a negative attitude towards the whole paper from the very beginning.

How to Make an Essay Cover Page? Tips from the Experts

As it has already been mentioned, there are different styles of writing used by students to deliver their assignments in various disciplines. You should also remember that each format of writing has its unique peculiarities of the placement of different elements on your cover page.

To summarise, the most commonly used styles include MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and APA. Of the four styles, one has no cover page, that is MLA which is a unique style of writing that does not require a title page. The rest are somewhat similar with minor differences in their presentation. You should always take your time when formatting your assignments to miss any step in the entire process.

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