How to Write a Humorous Essay: Student’s Brief Guide

Humor is what can save even the worst writing if it’s acceptable. Starting an essay with a hook sentence like a joke or anecdote may grab the reader’s attention from the first line. Still, one should be careful when using humor in essays unless the goal is to write a humorous essay.

This article explains what this type of writing is as well as how to write such paper step-by-step.

What is a Humorous Essay?

Let’s start with a humorous essay definition. A humorous essay is a type of writing an assignment that aims to reveal a writer’s sense of humor and make the audience sympathize him or her with the help of jokes, anecdotes, and other techniques used to make people laugh. Usually, it belongs to narrative writing. The primary goal if this essay is to amuse the audience instead of informing or convincing them.

It is possible to get some inspiration from various popular sources if you cannot come up with own ideas:

  • TV
  • Magazines & newspapers
  • Books
  • Worldwide web
  • Radio
  • Individuals

Probably the most wholesome sources would be playful essays written by famous authors. If you would like to put a smile on your reader’s face, keep on reading how to write an essay focused on humorous sides of various topics.

How to Write a Humorous Essay: Qualities of a Good Paper

It is time to get your thinking cap on! To come up with a quality humorous paper, a writer should possess certain skills (the ability to present clear, credible, & interesting information with a sober sense of humor to the target audience). Choosing topics to write about is a must as teachers typically do not assign specific topics for these tasks leaving all the creative aspects to their students. The features of a good humorous essay resemble the qualities of any great essay with a single addition:

  • Logical
  • Engaging
  • Coherent
  • Concise
  • Comprehensible
  • Funny

Make sure your final paper adheres to these features.

As to the topic, it is half the battle if you choose the right one! It’s apparent that a student should not select sensitive issues like suicide or gender inequality to make fun of it – it will have the opposite effect. Avoid topics that you do not completely understand as you may fail miserably trying to joke about serious things that you simply get wrong. Try to select issues that people are concerned about to make them interested. Showing the funny sides of political debates may be a good idea, but watch out – do not go over the top with your witty comments.

Humorous Essay Structure and Writing Tips

A humorous paper has a structure similar to any other essay. You should divide the entire piece into the beginning, body, and concluding paragraphs. Your reader should be able to follow the train of thought, so do not overwhelm your paper with jokes alone. Some smart points that make sense should present as well.

In general, your outline should look this way:

  • Introduction (starting with a joke is a great idea)

Background information (what makes the topic funny)

Thesis statement (the central argument of your work)

  • Body

Body paragraph #1 (argument, supporting evidence, and transition words)

Body paragraph #2 (argument, supporting evidence, and transition words)

Body paragraph #3 (argument, supporting evidence, and transition words)

  • Concluding paragraph

Restated thesis

Summary of the topic sentences (the first sentences of each body paragraph)

Final joke or anecdote

  • List of references

The writer should format an essay based on the chosen style!

No matter which paragraph you write, your humor must be genuine and sincere. Otherwise, your writing will not appeal to anyone’s heart. Let your jokes be natural and lighthearted.

A nice idea would be to play with contrast, but do it only if you understand how. If you manage to contrast funny with mundane, you will succeed with your paper for sure. Just as bittersweet taste in food, the mixed moods in essays attract more attention than those written in a single tone. It is easier to spark laughter by including some contrasting moments in your paper.

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