Don’t Know How to Write a Media Essay? Read This!

The process of writing a media essay begins with the finalization of a topic. If you have not been assigned one by your teacher, start by considering the content of your essay. Think about the aspect of media you want to discuss. For instance, it can be the effects of social networking on employability or the advantages of social media. The thing is that the topic should echo with your interests. What is more, it’s essential to extract the keywords from the topic and use them to explore the relevant information in various credible sources. Follow the guidelines below to find out the peculiarities of the task and to deal with it better.

What Is a Media Essay? Simple Definition

A media essay, as the name implies, is an essay on any aspect of media. It can be the effects of media on the young audience, reflection of the culture in social media trends, or social media as a source of political information. While all these topics are different from each other, one common element for all of them is that they revolve around media. In other words, the media is a compulsory element in all these topics. Hence, they all qualify as media essays.

Useful Tips on How to Start a Media Essay

One of the most difficult stages in writing a media paper is the beginning. Finding a focus is the first and the foremost requirement of starting a media essay. First, decide on an interesting subject matter, to begin the essay with and then establish a thesis statement. After that stage, the actual process of writing begins, which presupposes creating an outline. Tips on this are described in detail in the sections below.

At the same time, it should be noted that writing an essay that lacks a thesis statement destroys the focus because the writer has a tendency to go on a tangent and write about a certain aspect away from the main idea the essay started with. To come up with the right thesis statement, you should analyze the subject and the findings from a variety of perspectives, and then concoct a position concerning the matter as a whole. Remember, your entire media essay revolves around this thesis statement. As a rule, it is the last sentence or two of your introduction paragraph.

Expert Tips on How to Write a Good Media Essay

On the whole, writing a good media essay requires very good writing skills in addition to the knowledge of media and its concepts. There are some helpful guidelines you can follow to write a good media essay. Try to follow them whenever you have to write an essay on media:

  • First things first – do the brainstorming. Let’s consider the topic “Bullying on social media”. Your keywords, in this case, are “social media” and “bullying”. Put these keywords in your search engine and first read a couple of blogs and articles that show up.
  • Jot down the main findings and key points of your research.
  • Create an outline from the key points. More details on this are in the subsequent section.
  • Draft the essay expanding upon the points contained in the outline
  • Proofread the work. Check it thoroughly with respect to sentence construction and grammar mistakes. Fix the errors and submit the paper.

Why a Media Essay Outline Matters and How to Elaborate It

The importance of a good outline cannot be overstated. It serves as the backbone of your essay. You can create a good outline using the following tips:

  • Use the points noted on a separate sheet of paper as you read the articles online to create the outline. These points will make central ideas of your body paragraphs.
  • Divide your outline into three main sections – introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Write a starting sentence and a thesis statement in the introduction. Make the thesis statement very brief and concise yet fully reflective of the content of your essay.
  • Divide the middle section further into three parts – one for each body paragraph. Write down the topic sentence for each paragraph, and underneath it, mention the examples you would use in its support as bullet points. Repeat the same exercise for the remaining two paragraph outlines. At the end of it, you should have three topic sentences, and two to three bullet points of examples for each topic sentence.
  • Lastly, rephrase your thesis statement to write the conclusion. That’s it! Your outline is ready.

What Is the Media Essay Structure Like?

The structure of a media essay is pretty much the same as the structure of any other essay. Unless something else is specified by your teacher, you will make five paragraphs – one for introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Besides, stay within the word limit stated by the teacher and follow the recommended citation style. At the end of the essay comes the bibliography. Structure your essay in a way that all paragraphs are roughly equal size.

How to Write a Catchy Media Essay Introduction

Writing an engaging introduction is very important for any essay. It is the introduction that grabs the readers’ interest, so it should be engaging and interesting and at the same time, informative. Whatever aspect of media your essay is about, try to incorporate some astonishing statistics in the introduction, and back them up with credible sources. For example, if it’s an essay about social media as a source of political information, try to get statistics about how many people in the US learn the latest political news from Facebook or Twitter. Likewise, if your essay is about the effects of social media on buying behavior, draw information from the relevant journals regarding ads and promotional posts for specific products on social media websites.

What Should the Media Essay Body Contain?

As previously noted, the body of a media essay should consist of three paragraphs unless more or fewer are required by the teacher. The three paragraphs of the body section should draw upon three elements of the thesis statement. The ideas discussed in them should be in the same chronological order as their hints appear in the thesis statement. The body contains in-text citations in support of the statistics and the claims. The point is that the body of your essay is the main part of it, so make every paragraph convincing.

What to Include in the Media Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of the essay is what leaves the readers with a lasting impression of your work. It should contain a reformulated thesis statement. At the same time, if required, you can finish the paper mentioning recommendations or suggesting directions for future research.

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