101 Interesting Essay Topics for College Students

Your professor can give you a writing assignment, or ask you to choose one. Picking the right essay topic is time-consuming and requires in-depth research. However, it is an excellent opportunity to discover a theme that appeals to you. Writing such a paper is interesting. Besides, you will craft a fascinating thesis.

Here Is How to Select the Best Interesting Essay Topic for Your Thesis

It is a cause of celebrations when your tutor tells you to pick an essay topic. In such circumstances, choose a question that you understand. Nonetheless, here are some ways of selecting a theme for your writing assignment:

  • Choose a subject that motivates you.
  • Decide on a question you understand and is easy to answer.
  • Limit your research topic by coming up with a thesis statement.
  • Ensure that your subject matter has enough sources you can use.

Check This List of Interesting Essay Topics Suggested for You

Well, it is time to look at some fascinating topics sampled from top writers all over the globe. Don’t forget to select an appealing one for you!

  1. The role of the United Kingdom during the Cold War.
  2. Identifying factors that helped Napoleon Bonaparte to achieve military success.
  3. The impact of global warming on environmental policies.
  4. Utilitarian theory and its use in solving an ethical dilemma.
  5. The development of motivational policies using the Maslow hierarchy of needs theory.
  6. Using Herzberg theory of motivation to encourage the employee.
  7. The extent of environmental pollution in the United States.
  8. Analysis of President Barrack Obama`s achievements.
  9. The justification of 2002 Iraq War.
  10. The importance of the 1964 Civil Rights Act in promoting equality.
  11. Fighting discrimination in the workplace.
  12. The best strategies for promoting innovation in 2019.
  13. The characteristics of a highly innovative organization.
  14. Methods of promoting good relationships.
  15. Analyzing the effects of social media on teenagers.
  16. The marketing mix of Apple Inc: analysis.
  17. Strategies WalMart can use to reduce labor turnover rates.
  18. The impact of Steve Jobs on increasing the performance of Apple Inc.
  19. The various styles of leadership and their impact on organizational performance.
  20. Methods Amazon Inc used to achieve success.
  21. Strategies for winning a presidential election.
  22. The methods used to fight HIV Aids in developing countries.
  23. Debates on the importance of GMOs and whether they are ethical.
  24. Legalization of same-sex marriages in the United States.
  25. Consequences of lack of sleep to school going children.
  26. The Aristotelian concept of friendship and its impact on the current society.
  27. The primary principles of Nicomachean ethics.
  28. The symbolic elements found in the story of, “Young Goodman Brown?”
  29. The elements of tragedy found in Othello.
  30. The impact of global warming on the world.
  31. The best strategies for promoting religious tolerance in America.
  32. The use of the dramatic element in building the character of Hamlet.
  33. Proving the existence of God.
  34. Role of Apostles in spreading the Gospel.
  35. Texting and its impact in promoting relationships.
  36. The thematic connotation of Machiavelli book “The Prince.”
  37. Best strategies of winning the War on Terror.
  38. Building a healthy relationship.
  39. Impact of experiential learning on children with disability.
  40. Strategies for fighting diabetes mellitus.
  41. Arguments of Karl Marx against the capitalistic system of governance.
  42. The negative effects of a social welfare state.
  43. Consequences of negative parenting.
  44. The ethical implications of conducting an abortion.
  45. Religious rituals amongst the native American Indians.
  46. A crime, a misdemeanor, and a felony: similarities and differences.
  47. Examination of the legal concept “fruit of the poisonous”
  48. The primary elements of a contractual relationship.
  49. The evolution and application of the common law doctrine.
  50. Different ways of reading and interpreting the constitution.
  51. Types of law enforcement agencies and their roles.
  52. The primary tenets of the game theory.
  53. The ethics of using animals for testing new medications.
  54. The role of America in the formation of the League of Nations.
  55. The legislative process in America: stages.
  56. The collapse of Enron and its effects on regulatory laws in the United States.
  57. The role of UK parliament in Brexit negotiations.
  58. Effective remedies for treating cancer.
  59. The importance of Shakespeare`s pieces in literature.
  60. Importance of proper nutrition for sports personalities.
  61. Importance of restricting alcohol usage to underage children.
  62. Advantages of attending a diverse learning institution.
  63. Benefits of exempting the poor from paying taxes.
  64. Immigration and crime rates in America.
  65. The consequences of the American-Chinese trade war.
  66. Minimum wages and reduction of poverty in America.
  67. The consequences of the 2007 global recession in the banking industry.
  68. The best age of starting school.
  69. The business strategies of Microsoft.
  70. The most effective ways of punishing children.
  71. Incarceration and its effects in reducing crime.
  72. AI development: expectations in 2019.
  73. The positive effects of feminism on 21th-century society.
  74. Explaining the methods of producing perfect artistic images.
  75. Possible consequences of global warming.
  76. The most effective ways of improving the economies of third world countries.
  77. The United States as a global policeman.
  78. The importance of separating religion from the state.
  79. Regulation of the media by the government.
  80. Importance of banning junk food in schools.
  81. The role of music in promoting freedom of expression.
  82. The social media and its impact in compromising the privacy of users.
  83. The best strategies for developing a positive relationship with a student.
  84. The top strategies to use in identifying the consumer trends of a particular product.
  85. The importance of eliminating nuclear weapons.
  86. Economic integration schemes and protection of financial interests.
  87. Best strategies of protecting the rights of the gays and the transgender people.
  88. Humanitarian intervention and the breach of states sovereignty.
  89. Graffiti as enhancement of creative art.
  90. The importance of teaching life skills in college institutions.
  91. Best strategies for preventing bullying in public schools.
  92. Policies that can help prevent divorce.
  93. The security of the state and religious intolerance.
  94. The benefits of video games in the learning process.
  95. The use of realism in analyzing world politics.
  96. The consumerist culture; 21th-century changes.
  97. The sinful nature of humanity and the teachings of Christ.
  98. The best ways of planting a tree.
  99. Methods of improving the production of food substances.
  100. The Myth of Odysseus and promotion of ancient Greek religion.
  101. How the church helps in promoting a positive living.

A Suggestion of Some Interesting Essay Questions You Can Pick

Well, after the identification of your topic, you should choose a question. The thesis statement will form its answer. Always ensure you formulate a problem you can tackle. Below are some of their examples:

  1. How did Desdemona contribute to the fall of Othello?
  2. What are your views regarding the Jeffersonian position on the separation of religion from the state?
  3. Should President Trump go ahead and build a wall along its Mexican border?
  4. What are the best strategies for winning a war according to Sun Tzu?
  5. How does the emergence of the “Ghost” in Hamlet develop the plot of the play?
  6. Should the government regulate the media?
  7. Should the government play an active role in an economic system?
  8. What are the effects of minimum wages on poverty reduction?
  9. What are the factors that contribute to increased poverty within the state?
  10. When is it justifiable for researchers to use animals for their studies?

Simple Interesting Essay Ideas for Your Paper

College tutors have an interest on the type of subject you want to tackle. Thus, you can ask them to help you select a topic. Nonetheless, the following are some ideas you can consider while choosing and working an essay:

  • Consider adopting a theme that reflects the current issues in society. Be realistic, and provide examples.
  • Use a hook statement while developing your research question. Don’t use more than two.
  • To have a firm understanding of your theme, read the relevant Such a process may help you develop an excellent thesis. Use credible sources, and determine their opposing viewpoints.
  • You can rely on existing topics to develop an original idea for your essay.
  • Avoid bias while writing. Ensure that you provide supporting Don’t forget to cite!
  • Avoid generalizing your essay. Narrow it down to a specific sub-theme. You can use it as your thesis statement.

Professional Help

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