Literature Review Example

Literature Review Example is Helpful For Beginners in Research Writing

A literature review is a part of any decent research paper or dissertation. When a student does not know how to write this important part of an academic assignment, he is deemed for failure. When starting a considerable research project one will find it helpful to have a look at literature review example and see what important aspects it contains.

A literature review is needed to show the background knowledge of the problem under research and to define the direction where to move in your research attempts. To compose a good literature review one needs to do much reading and analyzing work. Actually, it is an interesting and creative process if you are into reading and literature study. You evaluate the problem from different perspectives, looking at all information available and searching for the gaps in the current research. Through much reading, you will have many ideas popping up in your mind and these ideas can be developed into a viable research.

Why do you need to look for literature review examples? Writing a literature review for the first time you may feel confused about how many different aspects and peculiarities it can contain. In an example of essay writing, one may find some useful tips on how to write an impressive literature review.

Literature review example is helpful when you do not know that this academic piece of writing should:

  • Be concise and to the point where an author shows his understanding and concern to the problem to be researched;
  • Have impeccable logicality where the logical flow is established between paragraphs;
  • Exhibit legible position of the author leading a reader to a certain conclusion and revealing some gaps in the current research.

When writing a literature review one acquires many research writing skills from how to write a logical research to how to make a cover page. In a good literature review, every aspect should be neatly organized and written. One also develops reading, memorizing and researching skills. Literature review sample is a good start for a beginner.

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