The Creativeness of a Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay and its Peculiarities

When you have entered the university you will probably have to write a narrative essay. It is one of the most interesting essays as a writer has an ability to display his/her attitude towards the situation, story or event. This type of the essay does not require some special style, approaches, and rules. The only one condition is to be natural, creative and expressive.

While writing this essay paper the student should have his/her own point of view. Of course, it is absolutely possible to read different materials and learn the other essay writers’ ideas. The student can keep in mind all words, attitudes, feelings of others but he/she needs to demonstrate his/her own ones in order to display the personality.

When the writer determines the object of narrative essay he/she has to define its aim:
to inform the reader about something new and actual that have never been mentioned;
to write for the reader’s entertainment;
to lecture/teach the readers of the essay.

When the goal is fixed the writer should do everything possible to attain it because if the essay will be a mixture of different essay ideas, information, points of view, attitudes it will lose the sense and lead the reader to the confusion. So, the writer have chosen the object and it is very important to stick to it and write, describe, express his/her own ideas only about it and then, the work is considered to be personalized – the most important feature of the narrative essay.

Also, you need to know what you are writing about. Try to make your narration meaningful, real and interesting.

It is very important to build the paper in a proper way. The narrative essay format will help you to do it.

Introduction presents the problem/object, informs about the main points for the reader to understand the topic of the essay and be interesting in it.

Body states the narration, research and its results, writer’s attitude towards the situation\event.

Conclusion summarizes everything have been written above and leads to the reader’s understanding of the essay’s topic.

It is not enough just to organize these three main parts. It is also very important to make the consecutive and consistent flow in order each part supplements each other.

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