25 Best Technology Essay Topics and Questions

Countries all over the world develop new technologies, and as a result, most students are drawn in to try and write academic papers on some of these technological breakthroughs. Understandably, the prevalence of academic papers both on current and emerging technologies is overwhelming and abundant.

As much as you want to write a paper about technology, there are still some aspects of the writing process that you will need help with. The most common area that students need the most help is coming up with a suitable topic to inform the reader of their intention in writing a technology essay. When asked to write an article based on technology innovations, we strongly recommend that you use the topics we have provided on our website.

Guide on How to Select the Best Technology Essay Topic

Regardless of the type of paper you are expected to deliver, it must have a topic which is a major constituent of any writing process used to present your readers with the subject matter of your technology paper.

Sometimes students are provided with essay topics to write about, but most of the time they are given free rein over the theme to use for their essay. However, both these scenarios are likely to pose numerous challenges for students. On one side, a provided subject may be too complicated or mind numbing to write about. On the other hand, when asked to use your topics, they are even more frustrated because they are spoilt for choice with our vast array of paper topics.

The ability to select an appropriate topic to write about is indispensable. Thus, we have provided a guide on how to go about it from our extensive database of essay topics:

  • Decide on which type of paper you want to write;
  • Choose a problem that is interesting to you;
  • Settle for a subject that you can manage and is not too difficult;
  • Analyze the topic and figure out whether it is narrow or broad;
  • Make sure that the theme has enough resources to write about.

Comprehensive List of Technology Essay Topics

After learning the best way to identify a suitable paper subject for your assignments, you can view our list of essay topics on technology to find inspiration for your own piece. Here are some of the essay topics we have to offer:

  • Organizations and their over-reliance on technology
  • The effects on the development of new technologies
  • Regulations that govern infertility treatment technologies
  • Similarities and differences that exist between the brain and a computer
  • The role of religious beliefs in making conclusions about procreative technologies
  • Ethical considerations of the use of technology to eradicate diseases
  • How technology replaced traditional sources of information
  • The importance of educating people about current and emerging technologies
  • Ways in which technology has been used to improve the health sector
  • The impact of modernization on the environment
  • Significant changes in the workplace environment as a result of technology
  • Effects of technology on the various means of communication
  • The evolution and future projection of mass media as a result of technological breakthroughs
  • Long-term effects of over-reliance on technology
  • The difference between the current and possible future means of transport
  • The impact of social media on today‚Äôs technologically advanced societies
  • The conceptualization of artificial intelligence and how it can be useful in various fields
  • How social media has increased the need for a more secure means of communication
  • Globalization and how it has been influenced by technology
  • Space exploration and the possibility of life on other planets
  • Social media and how it has provided more problems than solutions for countries worldwide
  • The moral and ethical considerations of genetic engineering
  • Exploring whether self-driven cars are a step up from current means of transportation
  • The result of prolonged ingestion of genetically modified food
  • Government intervention on the use and distribution of technology
  • Ways in which artificial intelligence has threatened the normal livelihood of most people worldwide

What Not to Do with Your Technology Essay Questions

The topic of your assignment is the guide that is provided to allow you to focus your ideas on a central theme. However, a good number of students have adopted certain practices that jeopardize the overall quality of the paper. Here are some of the practices you should never do when choosing an essay topic:

  • Changing your subject matter after you have already started writing the content;
  • Choosing a rare and complex topic to impress your instructor;
  • Use a broad and relevant theme for your technology assignment;
  • Rewriting an old paper subject with a similar point of view;
  • Developing the essay question after you have finished writing.

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