Captivating Antigone Essay Topics

Filled with tragedy, Antigone is a very controversial and popular story from Ancient Greek literature that makes readers think twice about life. Highlighting the role of women, the bindings of religion and facing darkness, the story also brings to light how injustice affects us in life.

Antigone is a story filled with themes from the Greeks that also challenges social institutions that have been put in place to support an individual’s endeavors in life such as that of justice as is the case of the King in the story.

Religion is also another important aspect since it acts as a tool that led to opposition to the oppressive government. Antigone, the character in the story is left with the option of having to follow the rules of Creon who is the king of Thebes. When she follows the latter by burying her brother- a mistake that could translate to her death and the death of her sister, we see how the influence of religion can be freeing as well as it is also oppressive to an individual.

In the above illustration, we can see how human law and divine law can shape the nature of a person’s character and how the two work in balance. This book tries to show how law and religion should foster each other for a better society, yet when the two back each other up we see how devastating its results can be.

The belief of a lack of the afterlife leads to the burning of the dead, and this causes a misunderstanding as Antigone still believes in giving her brother a good send-off rather than leave his body for vultures and other wild animals to scavenge.

How to Select the Best Antigone Essay Topic? What to Consider

To select the best topic for your essay, reading the whole story is a must. Here you get to know how everything falls into place and how the dynamics of the lot as well as general themes are brought to light.

Although, you might consider reading the entire story a cumbersome task, reading the books is much easier than it looks, thanks to its captivating writing style and exciting plot, sense of humor and appeal.

Of course, reading the whole book is not the best idea especially for someone who does not have enough time. Reading reviews as well as synopsis can also give rough ideas of what you can write about. Doing this will take less time and effort. However, there are a few themes as well as characters you might find intriguing to write about as well as general facts that can make your essay sound great. You just have to dig deep into the story to learn this.

Here Are Some of the Best Antigone Essay Topics

In this section are some of the vital topics you can write about in the essay Antigone. These areas have proven successful in the past, and they can also work for you.

  • The plot is one of the best and exciting parts that keep the Antigone story captivating to its readers. It is about a young woman who decides to bury her brother in contradiction to the King’s decree. She is therefore punished for obedience to God’s law.
  • From the plot, it is tough to know who the tragic hero is in the story. Is it the character who her name is given to the story or Creon who is also portrayed as having the mannerisms of a hero? To get over this confusion one has to ask, ‘what are the characteristics of a true hero?’
  • Downfalls of Creon and Antigone can also lead to a basis for a great intriguing essay. Acting out of pride leads the two to make moves that later cause their downfalls due to them being impulsive. In the opening of the story, Creon declares how no country’s enemy will ever declare himself her friend. After being refused burial of Polynices, he goes ahead to seek advice when later she is forced to ignore the part where she quoted the King.
  • Tragic is also another critical area of concern, and this is because both Antigone and Creon have pride, have been dignified and also have flaws that have contributed to their downfalls. Antigone, for example, is seen to have probably acquired is a tragic, heroic virtue from her father, Oedipus.

Other significant areas of concern include the setting, which is in Greek tradition and culture. Use this essential guide to write a compelling story that will get you good grades. Antigone is a story that should not only interesting to write about but also explore during research.

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