Informative Essay Topics should be Interesting to the Target Audience

101 Informative Essay Topics: This is Your Best Guide!

Are you looking for an informative essay? Have you been trying hard to come up with good informative essay ideas but to no use? We can understand why it’s so difficult. As human beings, whenever we write something, we tend to influence the writing by our own opinions and perceptions of the subject matter at hand. This induces bias in the essay, and it doesn’t really remain informative; instead, it becomes argumentative. It’s really a challenge to constantly scrutinize each and every line of your essay in order to ensure that the information being passed is free from any kind of bias. Sure it takes time; first to think, to write, to scrutinize and modify, then to edit, it’s really a whole lot. Besides, informative essays need to have the information drawn from credible and reliable sources. You need to carefully select the sources of information, which is not always easy because many articles available online require students to have subscriptions before they can view them in full length. Add to it the trouble of having to complete so many other assignments and having to prepare for the upcoming exam or quiz; we can understand you may be running out of time! We are there to help you.

Wondering How to Select the Best Informative Essay Topic?

Selecting the topic for an informative essay is particularly difficult. There are many challenges in deciding and finalizing the topic. To begin with, a student is confused about how to sum up and reflect the gist of the information on a topic containing hardly five or six words. On the other hand, they cannot compromise the quality of the topic because if the topic is not good, the essay’s readership is significantly reduced. You may get some idea of topics online. Try to search your keywords and look at the articles that show up. Probably you would be able to get a good idea from there. If not, don’t worry, just place an order with us and we will be pleased to write the best topic for your informative essay.

Here’s a List of Informative Essay Topics We Wrote

We are sharing a list of 101 informative essay topics that our writers have written. You may just get a good idea for your essay from these topics. So it’s useful for you!

  • The end of slavery in America.
  • The impact of Brexit on the economy of EU countries.
  • Endangered animal species.
  • The process of photosynthesis.
  • Effects of water pollution on sea-life.
  • The rise and fall of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey.
  • Solar system.
  • The chemical composition of petrol.
  • The phenomenon of light reflection by white color and absorption by black color.
  • Safe practices for administering healthcare of animals kept in the zoo.
  • Military training of cadets in cadet colleges in Pakistan.
  • Solar energy.
  • The binary system.
  • Wars between India and Pakistan.
  • Life on other planets.
  • The process of transfer of money across countries.
  • The structure of the human heart.
  • The impact of fertilizers on soil quality.
  • African tribes.
  • Medicinal uses of honey.
  • Treatment of cancer.
  • China’s five-year population control plan.
  • Dam as a way for conservation of water.
  • Homeless shelters in America.
  • Types of flora in the Amazon.
  • The demise of the Mughals in India.
  • History of British rule in India.
  • The Chinese influence on the global trade.
  • Exotic animals.
  • The role of the nervous system in a healthy human body.
  • Processing of image in the brain.
  • Drunk driving.
  • The timeline of important battles in the history of Europe since the 17th
  • The process of publication of a book.
  • The process of a cloud formation.
  • Fruit varieties in Africa.
  • The effect of advertising on child psychology.
  • Tourist attractions in Sudan.
  • The role of education in the change of gender perception in the US since the 19th
  • Types of crops cultivated in North America.
  • The phenomenon of the pearl formation in the sea-shells.
  • The mechanism of decomposition of fossil fuels.
  • Environmental effects of global warming.
  • Forbes’ criteria of selection the 100 most powerful women.
  • The selection criteria in the US army.
  • Nepotism in Hollywood.
  • Composition of the human skin.
  • Factors controlling the rate of rainfall in the Amazon Jungle.
  • Corporate social responsibility initiatives of McDonald’s.
  • Practices of compilation and preservation of ancient scriptures.
  • Bermuda Triangle.
  • Personal protective equipment of flight passengers.
  • Types of sharks.
  • 10 rarest species of fish.
  • 100 most influential businessmen of the 20th
  • 10 ideas to start a business with a very limited
  • School drop-out rates among Hispanic Americans.
  • Natural resources of Canada.
  • The evolution of paper currency.
  • Salient features of the latest robots.
  • Famous hockey players.
  • Skin allergies.
  • Measures taken by banks against cyber attacks.
  • Admixtures to increase the setting time of concrete in cold weather.
  • Initiatives taken by the government of Dubai for sustained growth and development.
  • The global financial crisis of 2008.
  • Importance of jogging.
  • Cognitive processes involved in language learning.
  • The role of genes in the color of skin.
  • Life in 2050.
  • Malala Yousafzai as a female education activist.
  • Serial killers.
  • The lost civilizations.
  • Types of rocks.
  • Social networking as a way of relationship building.
  • Rights of gay communities in Canada.
  • Medicines made from the rose.
  • Evolution of the game of football.
  • Famous 19th-century celebrities.
  • Initiatives taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan for improving bilateral relations between India and Pakistan.
  • The effects of smoking on the lungs.
  • Causes of World War II.
  • The role of civil rights’ movement in shaping the modern American society.
  • The effect of chemotherapy on skin cells.
  • The culture of India.
  • The Miss India Pageant.
  • Top models of 2017.
  • Color-blindness.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • The effect of the imposition of VAT on businesses in Dubai.
  • Potential for growth of trade in Afghanistan.
  • Child abuse.
  • Cyber-bullying on social media.
  • The growing housing bubble in the US.
  • Effect of inflation on trade in China.
  • Famous leaders of the 21st
  • Electric cars.

You can see that the topics for the informative essay given above belong to all kinds of fields ranging from social sciences to construction and engineering. You can use these topics as such or improvise them to match the requirement of your essay.

A List of Informative Essay Questions

Phrasing a question related to the informative essay is even more difficult than writing just a topic. The question should be such that it requires only the delivery of information rather than argument or opinion. Here’s a list of some questions related to informative essays:

  • How does a cellphone work?
  • How chocolates are made?
  • How does the process of pollination happen?
  • How does cryptocurrency work?
  • What is the composition of the earth?
  • How fish breathe in water?
  • How do plants conduct photosynthesis?
  • What causes the change of seasons?
  • How petrol is made from fossil fuels?
  • How pre-packaged foods are processed?
  • In what ways does the US help the third-world countries?
  • What are perfumes made of?
  • What is the greenhouse effect?
  • How taste buds sense taste?
  • How juice is made in a factory?

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