Complete List of History Research Paper Topics

History is everywhere. Everything has a past in this life. Every continent, every country, every religion, every nation, and every tribe have some history attached to their name and passed down the generations to preserve it. This makes selecting one topic out of the many possible choices much harder, especially when you are looking to impress the teacher.

Helpful Tips on How to Select the Best History Research Paper Topic?

So how do you make up your mind on what to write about? With the many available options, you can easily get stuck. Here are some tips that will help you sort out the great from the good and average ones.

  • Interest and Passion

Select a topic that can sustain your interest over the long haul. Research can consume a lot of your valuable time and resources, and your interest in the topic will push you to do more and help you to complete the paper.

  •  Choose a familiar topic

It is easy to write about something that is already familiar to you because you will know where to look for information and the writing process will be faster and easier.

  • Select a topic you have enough sources of information on

Do not tie yourself down to a topic without evaluating the resources available. Research requires primary sources of information, which can be hard to come by. Primary sources include speeches, photographs, newspapers, interviews, diaries, memoirs, and autobiographies. Remember, you cannot rely on secondary sources alone. The amount of information you have on a topic determines the direction your paper will take.

  • Do not be too obvious

When selecting a good topic, avoid topics that have been overdone by other students before you. Your teacher can help you identify which ones. Alternatively, you can make common research topics not seem common by changing the focus points. For example, when you want to select a topic like the Civil War, provide a unique twist to it like Was slavery the only cause of the Civil War?

  • Keep it manageable

The majority of history topics are too big to exhaust in a few pages. This may require you to narrow down your topic to a realistic size. To do this, you may make use of the classic 5-W strategy. This means answering the questions of who, what, where, when, and why. An example: What? The Industrial Revolution. Where? In America. When? The year 1790. Why? To boost production and economy. You may not need to use all of them, but they can help you narrow down a broad topic.

  • Be flexible

As you begin the research process, you may find yourself needing to broaden or narrow down your research depending on the results you find. You may even need to change some aspects of your topic to ones that you find more interesting or manageable. You just have to go with your gut on this.

Interesting History Research Paper Topics to Choose From

Here is a sample of awesome topics to choose from. They should give you a rough idea of what you should be looking for in a topic.

Note that these topics denote ideas for the focus of the research paper but are not thesis statements.

  • American Revolution: What factors contributed to an American victory?
  • Slavery: What was its impact on the economy of the South? What were its effects on African American families?
  • The Industrial Revolution in your country and the world
  • Native Americans: Impact of European colonization on Native Americans.
  • Key people in American history: Choose an individual (a President, First Lady, the leader of a movement) and state their contribution to the United States
  • Aztec Empire and its architecture
  • Factors that initiated WWII
  • Magna Carta: How it changed England
  • What is the connection between the two World Wars?
  • Margaret Thatcher as the First Female Prime Minister of Britain
  • The rise and fall of Adolf Hitler
  • Austria’s Struggle for Independence.
  • The life and career of Sir Winston Churchill
  • The impact of Martin Luther King’s speech on the civil rights movement
  • Vietnam War. How the U.S got involved
  • Vietnam War: Its causes and consequences
  • Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s: Evaluate the tactics and accomplishments
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The effects of the Atom bomb
  • The Salem Witch trials: What were the causes?
  • Battle of Hastings and its role in the history of England
  • The Civil War. What issues caused the conflict between the South and the North?
  • Women in the Civil War. What contributions did they make?
  • The Underground Railroad: What were the methods used? What was its impact on ending Slavery?
  • Japan-Russia War. An overview
  • The Russian Revolution: People and places
  • The assassination of Abraham Lincoln. What did Booth and his co-conspirators hope to achieve? How did Lincoln’s assassination impact the reconstruction of the nation after the Civil War?
  • Spanish-American War. What were the effects?
  • The Arab-Israel War. Causes and effects
  • The colonization of America
  • British colonialism in India
  • The French Revolution. The establishment of the principles of democracy in France
  • The trading routes of the Renaissance period
  • The Cold War. Its causes and effects
  • Nuremberg Trials
  • The most prominent queens of ancient Egypt.
  • The political power of the Pope in the Middle Ages
  • The causes of the Irish potato famine
  • Mahatma Gandhi and The Salt March

Now that you have an idea of what is expected, you can select an excellent history research topic. Remember that human history is abundant in curious events, and surprisingly, not all of them have been explored.

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