How to Make an Essay Longer: Tips and Tricks

Many students face a so-called writer’s block. It’s the situation in which one can simply have no idea how to start or keep on writing an essay or another type of work. Sometimes, students just might have no inspiration to cover a specific topic. When it comes to writing an extended essay, it’s a real challenge if he or she has no interest in the offered topic.

Even if you can choose the topic by yourself, writing can be an agonizing process. It requires plenty of time and nerves. Students should conduct research before composing their papers. In addition, they have to stick to the particular structure and format the copy respectively. Altogether, it makes the entire process boring and annoying.

The worst thing that you can do to make an essay look longer is to duplicate your thoughts (repeat some stuff you’ve already mentioned) or include irrelevant content. Wordiness is your worst friend! Students should also avoid procrastination. Those are several DON’Ts that you should keep in mind.

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“How Can I Make My Essay Longer?”

In fact, there are many tools that help to reach the required word count pretty fast. We will start with the less cheating methods to expand your essay!

  • Always include relevant examples

It does not matter whether you can offer examples from the primary sources or your personal experience, this technique is one of the best approaches to making an essay longer. Examples help to back up your arguments. Evidence and bare facts alone are not enough to make your paper sound convincing and meaningful. You can use, for instance, one good example per body paragraph. That would be more than enough.

  • Paraphrase famous quotes

Inserting quotations of field experts or famous people is another great idea, but, to avoid issues with plagiarism, rewrite them. You can add a couple of direct quotations, but watch the level of your text’s uniqueness! It is better to paraphrase the words of other authors. However, you should still cite and reference the sources according to the preferred writing style.

  • Involve transitions

Transitional words and phrases are obligatory to show the connection between the various parts of your paper. You can include more of them than required. For instance, you can insert transitions at the beginning of every paragraph and the end. Transitions are such words as “therefore,” “to begin with,” “as mentioned above,” “together with,” “correspondingly,” “to say nothing of,” “equally important,” etc. It’s just important to know different categories of transitions and their purposes.

  • Use “outside-the-box” thinking

After your research and outline of the main points, you may realize that you lack information to reach the required word count. It is obvious that you will need to come up with some new ideas to add to your paper. The most effective way is to look on the web for more related topics. If the topic you write about is too narrow, expand it by choosing a broader category, but do not make it too general. If there is no more info that you can divulge, a good idea is also to search for what people are talking about regarding your essay question. Make the scope broader instead of diverting from the main point of your writing.

How to Make a Paper Longer: Extra Witty Tips

We have covered more or less fair and honest ways to make your academic work look longer. In some cases, you may try using some of the cheats from our experts. They do not require any special efforts as your Word has everything you need to implement these ideas. Those are basically technical tips that of

  • Try to make your spacing larger

Your tutor will most probably be able to identify whether your essay is double-spaced or you used 2.5 spacing. When teachers start checking the papers, they focus more on the content itself than on formatting and smaller details.

  • Increase the font size

While you have to use only Times New Roman in your academic essays, you can try experimenting by changing the size of this font to, let’s say, 12.5 pt. It might work along with the spacing you use.

  • Take care of the punctuation

It is a good idea to make all commas and periods larger than the main text – 14pt, for example. From the first sight, this advice may sound ridiculous, but it’s just one of the things that work.

  • Add pointless quotes

As the filler, you can include some of the well-known quotes related to your material at least somehow. Shakespeare’s quotations, for instance, can help to fill even the biology or physics essays when used smartly.

  • Get rid of pronouns

Every time you can use words like “they” or “our,” think about including the full list of people who used to take part in the activity you are describing. Several names in the row will help to reach the required word count faster than pronouns.

  • Include a fancy footer with page numbers

Even if your instructions or citation format does not require you to add such elements, your teacher might still appreciate your attention to details and knowledge of various formatting elements.

  • Play with your margins

The rules are strict when it comes to formatting left and right margins. However, students have more freedom of choice while deciding on the bottom margins.

  • Involve a separate title page

Most of the prompts and grading rubrics do not say that you cannot use a cover page as page one of our essay, therefore, try this trick one day.

  • Come up with the header

Mention all the necessary details before the title of your work, including your full name, school name, course name, title, professor, etc.

These tips may sound a bit sort of cheating. However, many students share that they are effective. At least, it is not that tiring as to waste hours trying to achieve the page count.

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