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Marriage in Britain

Britain has become a highly metropolitan region over the last century (Hooper-Greenhill, 1999). In this paper, I will shed light on the ethnographic trends of marriage in Britain. In order to do so, I will make use of my personal experiences that I have had during my time in Britain.

I had always been interesting in learning about new cultures since I was a child. But perhaps no experience was as amazing as that which I got from coming to Britain. It took me a little time to make some friends, but I was eventually able to develop a vast circle of friends. With the passage of time, I had the opportunity to attend the weddings of a few of my friends and associates. Little did I know that the experience of attending marriages in the Britain brings far more diversity than one would expect. I was able to see attend Jewish wedding ceremonies, Hindu wedding ceremonies and even Muslim wedding ceremonies amongst others. It felt a little strange at first but then I realized that the metropolitan culture of Britain has developed to a point where the incidence of

I clearly recall that there was one occasion on which I heard that a couple had eloped and gone into the next town to stay until their families were willing to accept their marriage. I felt a bit strange at first but then I noticed that the people around me were not even half as anxious as I was. Now I know that the incidence of such occurrences is also a common part.

The observations that I have made by attending wedding ceremonies for friends belonging to different religions and ethnicities has showed me that people in Britain respect cultural diversity. I saw my British friends dancing at my Indian friends wedding with a dancing instrument called the dandia. The next week I joined my Egyptian friends doing the eastern bhangra at my British friends wedding. A few of my friends took special lessons to learn how to play the bagpipes simply so they could play them at our Irish friend’s wedding; once they found out that he wanted to be close to his roots at his wedding.

I now wait for a wedding card to come along so that I can attend a wedding ceremony. I think it is important to mention that marriages in Britain are not restricted across cultures and ethnicities. During my time in Britain, I have seen individuals belonging to varying ethnicities getting married. I believe that racism and prejudice is a thing of the past in Britain because judging from the variety in the marriages I have attended, people have become more tolerant and accepting than they ever were before. The fact that I have attended and observed over a dozen multi-ethnic marriages is proof of the fact that Britain has truly evolved into a modern day metropolitan region. It would be unfair to bring this paper to an end without stating that the degree of cultural diversity and the acceptance that Britain harbors towards cultural diversity is truly heartwarming.

Reference List

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