Effective Way on How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

As a student, in your academic life, you will face a lot of challenges. Some professors and instructors may be too much, preparing and studying for your exams will be a pain and balancing your academic and personal life may seem impossible. However, one of the most significant problems students always face at school is assignments.

In problem solution essays the aim is to find solutions to problems in order to make the distress, vexation, and perplexity go away. Before you begin putting anything down, you need to carry out extensive research to gather facts and evidence. Once you have collected all the facts and evidence, then you can thoroughly and accurately describe the problem.

The solution, on the other hand, is the plan of actions to eradicate the problem. When writing a problem-solution essay, you need to keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to solve any problem. Your task as a writer is to find the best solution and explain why you chose it as the best solution to the problem at hand.

Professionals Explain: What Is a Problem Solution Essay?

Problem solution essays are a ubiquitous requirement in college and university. Basically, the meaning of it can be taken from its name. It is a type of essay that identifies the problem and states the solution accordingly. Its primary objective is determining the best solution to a specific problem.

A problem solution essay usually considers problems in a specific situation. They ultimately give solutions to those problems. They are quite similar to the cause and effects essays – in terms of its structure.

The Ideal Way on How to Start a Problem Solution Essay

Before you start jotting down anything on your paper, you need to develop a thesis statement. It is the statement that outlines the principal argument of the essay. In order to make a strong thesis statement, the writer must specifically outline what the essay will cover instead of making an overview statement based on the topic. Creating a strong thesis statement enables the writer to maintain a clear focus.

What Is the Best Problem Solution Essay Outline?

A problem solution essay can be approached in two ways: the chain or a block structure. In the block structure, the writer identifies and states all the problems then after that the corresponding solutions are stated. While in the chain structure, after each problem is stated, a corresponding solution follows. Of course, each type of outline has its advantages. The block structure is generally more transparent and more straightforward while the chain structure the problem’s solution is directly identified.

When choosing the type of outline, certain factors have to be considered including the number of problems that have to be stated. If a writer has to identify a number of problems, then the chain structure is the best option for the essay. It helps the reader associate the problem to its solution. In the case that there is a single problem the better choice would be to use the block structure.

Tips for Writing a Good Problem Solution Essay Structure

In order to write the perfect problem solution essay, it should have the right structure. The essay must start with a clear introduction presenting the problem. In the body of your essay state the problem(s) and their respective solutions. End with a conclusion and restate the problem(s) and why you chose their respective solutions. Here are a few more pointers for a brilliant structure:

  • State the problem clearly.
  • Explore the aspects of the problem/problems. Concentrate and clearly expound on its causes and effects.
  • Suggest one or multiple solutions to the specific problem and how it can be implemented.
  • Always use supporting details, this is to say, use anecdotes, examples, statistics, and facts.
  • Be logical when persuading your reader.

A Brilliant Problem Solution Essay Introduction- How to Write a Compelling Hook

Every problem solution essay starts with an introduction, same as any other essay. In the introduction, the writer identifies the problem. Start by painting out an image of the issue at hand or problem to make it compelling for the audience in and make them continue reading. It is what is known as the hook or the lead; it is used to rill in the reader. The writer also appeals to the emotions of the audience by stating who is affected by the particular problem and the consequences if it is not addressed.

How to Write a Captivating Problem Solution Essay Body

Here the writer elaborates the problem. Present the problem from a wide perspective and narrow down to the details. Include the historical background of the problem since this can mainly add value to how your paper began and developed to what it is. Credible sources should always substantiate the information provided in the essay. Properly cite your sources to promote a trustworthy tone.

After the problem is fully laid out, present concrete solutions or a solution to it. The primary objective of this paper is to convince the audience that the solutions/solution you expound on is the best. For this to be possible, it must be feasible, logical and supported by credible evidence.

Pointers for Writing the Best Problem Solution Essay Conclusion

The problem solution essay just like all other essays should end with a conclusion. In the conclusion, the writer should restate the issue at hand and summarize all the arguments into one solution to directly address the issue at hand. The solution should contain a call to action to encourage the audience to involve themselves in implementing the solution. To fully convince the audience, you will need to state the consequences of it, if the problem is not addressed immediately. Basically, an excellent problem solution essay should create a sense of urgency to resolve the issue at hand.

Proven Problem Solution Essay Tips to Use on Any Topic

Writing problem solution essays might seem really hard for students in college and university. But using this guide will make it a walk in the park. These guidelines are proven to reinvent your writing. Here are some additional pointers to help you ace your problem solution essay:

  • Choosing a good topic is essential for your paper. When selecting a topic to base your essay on choose a topic that has multiple perspectives of view and is not too wide.
  • The introduction of the problem solution essay should always describe the issue at hand and give relevant background facts about it. All the critical facts used in the body of the essay must be included in the introduction.
  • The thesis statement in your essay should be one-two sentences long. It should be included in the introduction and should state the sole objective of the essay.
  • To create a good essay body, lay out the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions provided in the essay.
  • Always show how your solution to any problem can be implemented, do not merely state a solution.

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