Pregnancy Essay Example

Sexuality and Teen Pregnancy

The risks of sexual involvement for Sally

Research shows that without contraception, teenage girls have 90% chances of being pregnant within a year. Adolescents like Sally are more susceptible to sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, and even the fatal HIV. This can be attributed to monogamy, sex without contraceptives, and selection of partners at elevated risk. In addition, younger females are biologically more prone to infections in comparison with older females. Moreover, sexual activity before the physical development of body can immensely hurt. Teenage girls like Sally who engage in sexual activity before turning 18 are more susceptible to health hazards such as cervical cancer. Most importantly, the emotional trauma suffered by teens when left by their partner drives them towards monogamy. This can prove even more physically and emotionally distressing (Belsky, 2010). She should be encouraged to use contraceptives; however, sometimes contraceptives like spermicides can escalate the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases. Lastly, early on sexual activity has greatly accelerated issues of mental health, regret, low self-worth, guilt, depression. This in turn encourages adolescent intimate relationships; thus, the sadistic cycle thrives.

Authoritative parenting behaviors and consequences if the limits are not followed

I would explicitly delineate cultural and societal norms that we respect and expect Sally to abide by. More importantly, a direct one on one talk with children can clear out any misconceptions from misinformation from peers. Regular talks focused on sharing and emphasizing values will also serve as a communication channel and help the child to confide in parents. Since, Sally is sexually active and has had opportunities to have sex, so it is crucial to know about her whereabouts, and even that of her friends. It is vital to establish a positive relationship with children and to keep an eye on what they do in their spare time.

On a more strict side, high and achievable academic expectations should be established. Studies have proven that children who are committed to studies are less susceptible to anti-social behavior such as teenage sex, drugs, alcohol, and the like. Therefore, a high academic expectation should be established and ambitions should be constantly emphasized. She needs to be clearly reminded of the non-negotiable rules, curfew timings, and expectations as she has been staying out late. In case, she does not adhere to these, she should be punished. She needs to be encouraged to join group activities and stay away from one-on-one dating in her early teens. Unconstructive media images that promote early sexuality should be stringently denounced.

Physical and emotional issue likely to be important to Sally’s physical and mental health

Sexually active teens are confronted with social and emotional plights due to puberty. Although, pubertal changes occur earlier in females like Sally; however, teen girls have not developed the emotional maturity to be given sole responsibility for their sexual behavior. Teenagers like Sally often confuse sexual pleasure for love. Later down the road, the sexual intimacy ensues in powerful emotional trauma. Girls are even more vulnerable to experiencing emotional collapse.

Moreover, studies have revealed that sexually active teens are more prone to drug and alcohol usage than virgin teens. Drugs blind them temporarily; hence making it easier to indulge in sexual activity. Therefore, besides sexual health risks, drugs can also adversely affect Sally’s physical health.

Sally’s need for autonomy in her development of personal responsibility

Sally should be encouraged to identify problems, root causes, and contemplate over probable consequences. This autonomy will encourage her to verbalize sentiments, and use alternate healthier ways to deal with teenage problems. Placing trust and responsibility in her will escalate her self-esteem and encourage her to take a more mature perspective. Nevertheless, Sally is still a minor so parents still have a moral and legal obligation to guide her; thereby, they should assume the role of consultants.

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