How to Write a Sociology Essay? Let`s Find Out

Students commonly have a problem writing essays on sociology. Whenever you are given the task of writing a paper on the subject of sociology, the most important step is actually not the process of writing, but the planning of the essay that takes place beforehand. It involves gathering the reading materials and conducting the research. Sometimes, teachers tend to illustrate which sources students should use to write their essays. If you get such a list, do your best to gain access to as many sources as you can. Having a bibliography of credible sources instantly gives the readers confirmation that the information contained has been drawn from reliable sources, so the content of the paper is also reliable.

What Is a Sociology Essay Exactly

A sociology essay, as the name implies, is an essay about the development of human society, the way it is structured and the way it operates. Hence, the topics for a sociology essay can range from such social issues as bullying in schools and teenage pregnancy to the influence of culture on society. A sociology essay is structured just like a regular essay containing an introduction, body paragraphs with topic sentences, and a conclusion.

The thesis statement at the beginning captures the whole essence of the essay. It is a brief and concise statement that presents the main idea of the essay in a nutshell. The body paragraphs dwell on the thesis statement, each paragraph elaborating a certain aspect of the thesis statement. Ideally, body paragraphs are based on the ideas as they are chronologically hinted upon in the thesis statement.

Here’s How to Start a Sociology Essay

Starting a sociology essay can be particularly daunting. Students lack direction and have no clue as to how to go about the essay. They are just given a topic to write on, and they may not have detailed knowledge and information about it. Here, we suggest certain statements that can help to have a good start in any essay. Learn them and try to incorporate them in your future essays:

  • “In a happy and healthy society, the importance of ……….. cannot be overstated.

You can fill any kind of good set of words in the blank above. For example, if your essay is about the effects of smoking on health, you can fill “clean air” in the blank. If your essay is about overweight and obesity, you can fill “a good balanced diet and exercise routine” in the blank above. If your essay is about children’s dropping out from schools, you can fill “good education” in the blank above. Just be creative.

  • “………….. is one of the most important elements in the optimal functioning of a society” is another good starting sentence.

Again, you can fill in any word or set of words depending upon the topic of your essay. For an essay on the topic “Children waste time on social media,” you can fill “Time management” in the blank above. Think deep and come up with words that would serve as the antithesis of the negative aspects of your assigned topic.

  • “Our dependence on ……………. has increased over the passage of time.”

Fill in “technology,” “ready-made meals,” or “digital currency” or such other words depending upon your sociology essay topic.

Here’s How to Write a Good Sociology Essay

A good essay on sociology requires a depth of knowledge. So start with gathering information. Below are some tips and tricks that you can always apply to write a good sociology essay:

  • Start with brainstorming.
  • Make an outline
  • Write your essay based on the outline. Elaborate the topic sentence of each body paragraph with examples.
  • Only draw information from credible sources. They can be high-impact journal articles and books, many of which can be easily accessed online.
  • A good sociology essay is grammatically correct and has the right sentence structure. After writing it, go through the entire essay to pick out such mistakes and correct them as you go.

How to Create a Sociology Essay Outline

Writing an outline before starting to write the actual essay is always advisable so that the final piece of writing is structurally sound, informative, and interesting to read. Here are some tips to write an outline:

  • Divide the outline into introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Make at least three paragraphs in the body.
  • No need to write lengthy sentences; just write brief and concise sentences.
  • Elaborate the topic sentence of each body paragraph with at least two examples.
  • Make a list of references you will use for your essay in the end.
  • For each body paragraph, just write the topic sentence and underneath it, mention at least two examples as points, then move over to the next paragraph’s topic sentence. This way, you will have a topic sentence and two points for each body paragraph.

Do You Need Help with Sociology Essay Structure?

Is it the structure of your sociology essay that you need help with? Ok, let’s start with what your teacher has specified. Did he/she give you instructions regarding the structuring of the essay? If so, simply follow that. If not, then the above outline is a good thing to start with. If you follow it correctly, you will end up with a good essay structure.

Good Ideas for Sociology Essay Introduction

It is helpful to learn some suitable introductory phrases. One is, “Technology has revolutionized the way society operates.” You can fit this starting line in many different kinds of sociology topics including communication, social media, and modern business practices. Another suitable introductory phrase is, “A safe and healthy society is the foundation of stability and growth of a country.” You may also use “Modern society has changed from the past in a lot of ways” as your introductory sentence.

The Sociology Essay Body: The Main Part!

The real challenge in writing a sociology paper surfaces as you proceed towards the middle of the essay. As a general rule, simply dwell on the outline you created before. You have the introductory phrase, thesis statement, topic sentences, examples, and concluding statement already. Just explain the points and fill in transitional words or phrases like “on the contrary,” “notwithstanding,” “nevertheless,” “in contrast to” etc.

The Right Way to Write a Sociology Essay Conclusion

Writing a good conclusion is no less important either. Try to summarize the whole essay in one brief paragraph. Rewrite the thesis but in different words. Write a line or two suggesting further research areas.

Some Sociology Essay Tips

If you have the choice to select a topic yourself, search sociology essay topics online. Choose the one you understand the best. Type the keywords of your topic on your search engine, and read a few articles that show up on the Internet. Reading will help you catch ideas so you can construct a good essay with them.

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