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As popularly known now, writing is a foremost skill that enhances understanding. Alongside speech, it ensures that communication comes full circle. However, the rise into prominence of writing lately is what this paper will focus on. I shall seek to demonstrate how this art is increasingly being fine-tuned so as to make it exciting. I shall endeavor to describe how to combine words, images, animations, symbols, and abbreviation etc, so as to make communication more effective and more efficient.


In contemplation, my writing seems to have been influenced in different ways by various technologies. However, I shall limit myself to discussing only two main influences; for purposes of this essay. Digital technologies have led me to either augment my knowledge with various sources or to be wordy and long winded.

Augmenting my messages with information from other sources is second nature now. If I am writing on social media, necessity to provide evidence for whichever claims I make is extremely essential. I use the various digital offerings to fill this delightful need. The most important are ‘sources’, which if followed, may lead the reader to the original sources quoted or rephrased in the original communication. These sources can come in various forms.

Key among them is providing a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The URL is a reference to a site where the information I am communicating in brief is provided at greater length and with more detail. It can also lead to a blog. In writing assignments, elongating them makes them better (Sharmila, 2002). I venture to write in as much detail that even a person coming across the topic for the first time gets to understand it with utmost ease (Sharmila, 2002). E-mails also assume the same trend.

Contrary to the purpose detailed above, at times I also tailor my writing to definite occasions where brevity is required. In this age of digital interconnectivity, there is a greater need to be brief so as to save time for other equally captivating items. On Facebook or Twitter, good mastery of abbreviations is an absolute virtue. As a result, if I want to tell someone how hilarious something is, I don’t have to do it in so many words, I simply write LOL (Laugh Out Loud). If the opposite is the case, then ‘gutted’ is sufficient to indicate disappointments. Still on social media, the use of emoticons (emotion icons) is central to communication. These are faces that relate the writer’s reaction to the topic at hand. Therefore, a smiling face suggests joy and a moody face symbolizes sadness.

SMS chatting is also a central part of my daily writing. If aware that someone on the other end of the line is anxious to hear from you, the incentive to be pithy and concise is mandatory. One has to learn to use the best words in their best order to enhance smooth conversation (Sharmila, 2002). On the other hand, writing notes and even reminders follows a similar trend. In this digital age, when it comes to informal writing, having short writings is best.


As is evident, the effect of digital technology upon writing style is too great to be ignored. The quality of the resulting communication consequently also comes into focus. Whether writers choose to be brief or long-winded, it is imperative to understand that style has no retarding effect on communication (Sharmila, 2002). It should be appreciated that style is not an end in itself.


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