Find Useful Tips for Your Journalism Essay Writing

Journalism Essay Will Be Useful for Your Future Career

In journalism essay you should present an accurate report on some event, thing or person. This kind of essay writing is very interesting as you have a chance to improve your critical thinking and writing skills.

To create an excellent paper you should follow the next tips:

1. Select a topic that will be interesting to a wide range of readers. Make sure that your topic is up-to-date and really pressing. Revise the articles from the newspapers or magazines. They usually have catchy headlines, informative and interesting plot. While choosing the topic, think of the purpose of your writing. If the topic does not present any research value and you cannot find a purpose for its disclosing, you should better choose another one.

2. Research the material that is relevant to the essay topic. You may use internet resources to find appropriate material. Search different online libraries.

3. Before you proceed to the actual essay writing, create an outline. Divide your journalism essay into the following paragraphs:

– The introductory paragraph with thesis statement
– The main body paragraph
– The concluding paragraph with a solid summary of the main essay points

Start the introductory part with the essay topic presentation. Create a strong thesis statement which will state the main aim of your paper. You may also state what methods you use in your paper. Make sure you use fresh and original approach.

Be ready to spend most of your time to the writing of the essay main body. This part is the lengthiest and requires a lot of efforts to complete it. In the main body present your own analysis of the topic (not just mere description). Start the main body paragraph with a topic sentence Pay attention to the punctuation. Use commas properly. Avoid in your paper rude expressions, slang or clichés. If you provide quotations in the text of your paper follow the rules of in-text citation. Put after the quote the authors last name, the year of the publication of the issue and the number of page of the quote. You should also avoid superfluous words and word expressions. Try to use the sentences that present maximum of information.

If you want to present some interesting information but you doubt about the relevance of the following material, you may put it in footnote. Don’t use other peoples’ words or ideas without referencing. Remember plagiarism is a serious academic crime and you may get zero for your paper. At the end of the essay you should place the list of references. Here you should include every item that was used in your paper.

4. Edit and proofread your paper. Eliminate grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes. Think if your essay produces a positive or a negative impression. Read your paper aloud to see if there are some sloppy points.

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