A Long List of Religion Essay Topics and Questions Plus Ideas

Religious studies are closely interconnected with many other disciplines such as anthropology, history, literature, political science, cultural studies, etc. What is more, religion plays a significant role in the life of most people. That is why this and derived subjects are a part of most school curriculum, and every intelligent person is expected to know the basics of all religions of the world. Even if you’re an atheist, it’s about your intelligence to know the main stories of the Bible or basic concepts of Buddhism.

This post contains the best topics and questions for your future research papers on religion as well as useful advice for those who lack time to do such assignments.

How to Select the Best Religion Essay Topic? Professional Advice

Before we jump to the list of perfect ideas for your essay, first, let’s discuss the effective ways to select the right topic.

All in all, research helps with both topic selection and finding necessary sources to defend the thesis statement. That is why you should always start with research to decide on the proper topic for your paper. You should pay attention to how many sources you can find on the topic of your interest. Make sure the sources are credible and relevant. Here are the sources to check in your library or on the web: books, e-books, magazines, newspapers, journals, scholarly articles, websites, videos, etc.

Once you’re done with research, think about which of the ideas on the list inspires you most. Perhaps, you would like to discuss atheism as you support this movement and wish to prove that it is a religion as well and there is nothing bad about being an atheist. Probably, you would like to juxtapose the plot of the Bible with the historical events. The point is that there are a lot of things to discuss when it comes to religious studies.

Our experts share some of the best topics and research questions in the sections below. Hopefully, they will inspire you.

List of Religion Essay Topics for College Students

If you simply want to present and explain an issue, you should come up with the topic instead of the question. You will need to inform your readers about the problem without offering meaningful solutions or replies. Here is a long list of topics you can either write a paper on or use for inspiration for your own topic:

  • Reasons to support violence in the name of God
  • Jesus Christ as a historical figure
  • The religion of Scandinavian people
  • Having many gods to pray vs. having a single God
  • The basic concepts of the Quran
  • Things that separate biblical Christianity from other religions
  • Building peace using religious methods
  • The features of a person who can be called a saint
  • Cloning from the religious point of view
  • The connection between religion, history, and anthropology
  • Critical analysis of the book “Omen”
  • Different ways to celebrate Christmas in Christianity
  • Compare and contrast analysis of how various religions convert new followers
  • The obligations of the religious groups in Arabic countries
  • Promoting global peace and wealth with the help of religious movements
  • The role of the Church in the national well-being
  • Religious studies as an optional subject at schools in the USA
  • The saint places of the world according to the Bible
  • The religion and traditions of Ancient Egypt
  • The never-ending debate between religious groups and scientists
  • Polygamous marriages in the Islamic world
  • The way Christian religion views gay marriages
  • Religious education in same-gender schools
  • The changes that can be achieved through religious practices
  • The functions of religion in contemporary society
  • A brief summary of the new religious movements
  • Rules of behaving in the Orthodox church
  • Comparison and analysis of two sacred stories
  • Reincarnation in African religions
  • Comparing and contrasting Zoroastrian perception of Good and Evil with the concept of the balance of Yin and Yang in Taoism
  • Concepts of God and Goddesses
  • The most ancient religion of the world
  • Shinto and Hindu myths of creation
  • Abortion from the religious point of view
  • How the religion portrays women in Islam
  • The differences between funeral rituals in two various religions
  • History and development the Christian music
  • Explaining the difference between atheism and agnosticism
  • Impact of religion on mass media and vice versa
  • Renaissance epoch in the Christian religion
  • Defining the dichotomy of heart and soul through the prism of Christianity
  • The signs of religion in the world’s literature
  • Problems paganists face
  • Big Bang theory and religion
  • Orthodox sacrament of marriage: exchange of the rings

45 Original Religion Essay Questions You May Cover in Your Work

Now, let’s look at the best research questions for your project. Those are the issues that require some solutions and specific answers, so provide a clear reply in the concluding part of your paper.

  • Is it moral and ethical to change your religion?
  • Can the Bible be called fiction literature?
  • What do various religions promote?
  • Should people all act in the name of religion no matter what happens?
  • Why is a religion called “the opiate of the people?”
  • How is Judaism different from the rest of the world’s religions?
  • What is the most popular reference book in Islam?
  • What are the main teachings of Jesus Christ?
  • Is Islam a peaceful religion?
  • What is the role of female preachers in congregations?
  • How do Asian people perceive death and why?
  • Is cloning accepted in Christianity?
  • Should religious groups be allowed to impede with government regulations?
  • Where does the tradition to attend church every Sunday come from?
  • Were Christian missioners the ones to pave the way for the ruination of the local tribes?
  • Buddhism: religion or philosophy?
  • How can an American citizen prove their faith in God?
  • What happens to the sinners after the death according to the Bible?
  • Are cults dangerous? Why?
  • Is freedom of religion possible in Arabic countries?
  • What is the goal of theism?
  • Should the world’s dominating religions take a stance in promoting peace for everyone?
  • Is it possible for the nations to work together in order to establish a coalition team to save the poorest populations?
  • Should the pieces of art that offend religions be destroyed?
  • How can governments control people through the power of religion?
  • Was the ruckus caused by the song “Losing My Religion” justified?
  • Should atheists obtain the same levy break system as the other religions in the United States?
  • Are all religions essentially good and fair?
  • What are the main components of religion?
  • Should everyone have a religion?
  • What is the difference between cults and religions?
  • Is Satanism that bad as it is depicted by most of the sources?
  • At what age can a person be allowed to choose a religion on their own?
  • How does the modern church view the theory of evolution?
  • Which of the existing religions is more loyal towards the scientific breakthroughs?
  • How can science and religious studies co-exist in schools and colleges?
  • What is the right way to punish criminals according to the Bible?
  • What is the role of religion in modern jails?
  • What is the role of animals in the Christian religion?
  • Should the church accept gay relationships?
  • Does religion have a strong influence on the media in the US?
  • How is religion displayed in most of the American TV shows?
  • How can the destruction of religious art be prevented?
  • Should religious movements help to promote health and well-being?
  • Should marriage predetermine the new religion of a woman?

Now, do you need several more hints on writing a religion essay?

Bonus Helpful Religion Essay Ideas

So, what are some other good ways to get inspired and pick the right topic or question for a religion essay? It depends on the type of essay you have to write. In most cases, students go for compare and contrast or cause and effect essays when it comes to religion. It’s a good idea to compare various religions, holy manuscripts, customs & traditions, etc. On the whole, you may choose to compare and contrast situations (episodes or cases from the Bible, for example), events (historical or fiction episodes related to religion), places (locations where the saints were buried, for instance), and people (saints, mortal humans, etc.) In the last case, the most popular figure to discuss would be Jesus Christ.

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