How to Make an Essay Longer: Making an Essay Longer When on a Short Deadline

You may need guidance on making an essay longer for various reasons such as:

  • Larger word count than you can write is required when writing an essay for your college application.
  • A school assignment that requires you to write an essay using a specific number of words.
  • You may have to write an essay for a scholarship application.

Getting help with your essay from our professional writers might be an ideal situation, especially when you want a high-quality paper in a short period. Nonetheless, we will take you through a simple guide on how to make an essay longer.

Effective and Tested Ways to Make an Essay Longer

Being prepared when writing an essay puts you in a position where you can comfortably write about any chosen topic without difficulties. Common ways to make an essay longer are outlined below:


You will need to do thorough research before you embark on writing your essay. The research will help you be knowledgeable while writing the essay and help in answering any question that may come up after handing in your essay.  The research will also ensure that you have all the necessary facts needed while writing the essay.

Use Examples

Giving examples in your essays not only increases your word count but also makes your readers feel that you gave a personal touch to your essay. In as much as you have the liberty of using more than one example, be cautious and do not overdo the examples in an essay.

Insert Quotations

Just like examples, quotes help in supporting your points in the essay. Act with integrity and cite your sources. Make sure to use the right quote since a wrong one may distort the quality of your essay.

Make Use of Transitional Words and Phrases

Transitional words between paragraphs will help your essay have a flow from beginning to the end. They connect an idea to another hence ensuring there is a sense of coherence in your whole essay. Remember that transitional words and phrases not only ensure that your essay is readable but also help in increasing your word count.

Outline the Main Points

Outlining your main points gives flow to your work and guides you to further elaborate points. For example, when you want to write a long essay on belonging, you may want to outline the main points relating to why you think you belong or what makes people feel that they do not belong. Outlining the main points will help increase the length of your article.

Do You Have What It Takes to Write a Long Essay?

After reading about the common ways of making a paper longer, you may have what it takes to write a long essay, but other factors may limit you from writing a long easy. Some of the limiting factors are:

  • Limited time because of juggling between school and work or having to cover a long distance commuting to school or work.
  • Not having good knowledge of the subject matter despite doing proper research.
  • Poor writing skills.

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How to Write an Excellent Essay on Lifelong Learning

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