Recommended List of Macbeth Essay Topics and Questions

William Shakespeare is a famous writer who was known to have written some of the most read and exciting books, plays, and other publications. Despite having written his pieces centuries ago, his work remains relevant to date and is widely taught in schools, used in cinematic and theatrical plays to show different themes about human nature.  Macbeth is one of the most famous plays by William Shakespeare.

The play is so widely known that it has been the go-to book for most academic institutions. Thus the teacher will require you to write research or term papers, reports, and essays about it. Therefore, if you are a university or high school student pursuing literature or humanity studies, you are likely to encounter a Macbeth writing assignment. In some cases, your teacher may provide you with the topic to write about while in other instances they expect you to pick the topic yourself.

In case you are required to choose the theme of the paper, do not panic for there are many topics concerning the play Macbeth to choose from. First and foremost, you need to brainstorm and think of a theme for your paper. This way you will be able to develop a suitable idea to write about. Alternatively, you can check online for essay ideas to include on your assignment. Below are some of the best suggestions that you can use.

How to Select the Best Macbeth Essay Topic? An Informative Guide

Macbeth is a tragic play, which is not only famous due to its dramatic nature but also because it contains many relevant aspects and characteristics that relate to our everyday lives. Before you even get down on writing an essay concerning the play, you need to ask yourself some questions. Who is your target audience? What is the central theme of your paper? What is the nature of the essay? These are among many other issues that should guide you in writing an excellent piece.

Here are some of the best essay types to write about when given a Macbeth writing assignment:

  • A comparative paper

Your teacher may expect you to look at events or things from different perspectives and compare them. For example, in the Macbeth play you may pick two characters and focus on analyzing their differences and similarities regarding their character traits.

  • Macbeth argumentative essay

If the assignment requires you to present and defend a certain point, you must reinforce your argument with appropriate information from the book.

  • An analytical essay

In case you are expected to write an analysis on some traits or theme concerning Macbeth and other characters, you must dig deep and critically analyze all aspects to present evidence or outcome. For example, your lecturer may request you to examine the various way on which Shakespeare defiles the gender stereotyping as well as the role of woman in the play.

  • A critic essay

This type of composition requires the student to review and analyze the approach used by the writer. The assignment does not necessarily need the student to give a critical analysis of every aspect of the book but rather a review of the play.

A List of Macbeth Essay Topics You Can Use for Your Paper

The list below contains some of the best essay topics that you can choose for your article:

  • Compare and contrast Macbeth’s character trait from King Duncan’s
  • Literary approaches and devices used on the Macbeth play plot
  • The contribution of the grotesque witches on the plot
  • The moral aspect of William Shakespeare`s play Macbeth
  • Roles played by Macbeth’s wife Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s play
  • Prophesies shown to Macbeth by the witches and their meaning
  • An analysis of the betrayal elements as used by Shakespeare in his play Macbeth
  • The significance of the prophecy to the events that led to Macbeth becoming king
  • A comparison of the betrayal by Macbeth’s and King Duncan
  • Levels of family manipulation in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  • A comparison of the two main protagonists “Macbeth” and “Richard II”
  • Macbeth as an antihero in the play
  • Evidence of remorse in the play Macbeth
  • The contribution of mythical elements to the plot development in Macbeth
  • The principles and morals evident in Macbeth
  • Fear as the motivation towards Duncan’s murder
  • Difference between feminism and masculinity in Macbeth
  • Honorable and dishonorable violent tendencies in Macbeth
  • King Duncan’s character contribution to the play
  • Evidence of abuse of power in Macbeth
  • Similarities between Banquo, Macduff, and Macbeth

Common Macbeth Essay Questions to Use When Forming Your Topics

Some of requires you to present arguments and opinion based on the findings you will read in the content. Here are some topic questions your teacher may need you to answer.

  • According to the play, is Macbeth a hero or a villain?
  • What is the first deception in the play and who is deceived?
  • What is Macbeth`s hamartia?
  • According to the play, were Macbeth `s deeds conscious and informed?
  • How is Macbeth responsible for his ruin?
  • What is the significance of Lady Macbeth on the flow of the play?
  • What is the root of evil in the play Macbeth?
  • How does Lady Macbeth influence her husband’s actions?
  • Why did Macbeth request the spirits to “unsex” her?
  • What sins are evident in the play Macbeth?
  • Does Shakespeare succeed or fail in creating sympathy for Macbeth?

5 Macbeth Essay Ideas to Get You Started

We hope that the list of essay questions and topics will be of great value and provide you with suitable examples that you can use when given a Macbeth essay writing assignment. However, apart from the topic, it is also important to have some viable ideas to guide you when writing an essay based on the play. They include:

  • Identify two minor characters in Macbeth and explain the various ways they are significant to the plot.
  • You can examine how Shakespeare altered certain significant historical figures to enhance themes in his play, Macbeth.
  • Discuss the significance of the speech given by Macbeth upon hearing the news of his wife’s death.
  • Deliberate on the hallucinations and visions experienced by Macbeth and their role in his character’s development
  • Write about Shakespeare’s use of elision and why it is a successful technique in the play.

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