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Opinion Essay (Art and Societal Changes)

It is a fact that art has a huge role in the way society is looked upon at. The artists are playing their significant role in the change regimes as far a society is concerned. They are highlighting the grey areas and insisting for the alterations to take place at the earliest through their works. They have deep-rooted philosophies within the artistic works and there is absolutely no denying this fact whatsoever.

Artists are playing a couple of roles as far as societal changes are related. They are depicting how the society should shape up within the future as per a set code of ethics and societal value hierarchies. Also they are referring directly towards the virtues and vices which are present within the realms of the society at the present. Thus they are looking at the problem from both the perspectives and not only that, but also highlighting the exact manner under which a society would function at its very best. Art and society go hand in hand and thus the relation is one of a strengthened one. Artists are very sensitive people and thus they try their best to make people aware of the wrongdoings within the society through their depictions, courtesy the canvas itself.

Art develops the minds of the artists and the thinking sets starts to change as a result of the societal happenings on a consistent basis. What this means is the fact that they apply logical models to their thinking basis and this facilitates in their paintings. Artists gain importance where the discussion is of understanding human values, emotions and sentiments. This means that there is a complete basis for understanding the individual’s very essence and how he interacts with people hailing from his own society, culture and traditions. The emotions are easily transmittable through the expression of art.

This could be so very true in the wake of the different pictures which are sketched by artists and not to forget the photography done by film makers and directors alike. They also bring out a particular shade of life which has been kept non-apparent over a period of time from the people who own it. Art has no parallels when it comes to understanding human emotions, values and belief systems. (Meier, 1942) This suggests that the human basis gains more and more importance as arts attaches itself with them.

Thus artists bring out the very best out of their thinking regimes and give to the audience their piece of mind. They make all-out efforts to let all and sundry know how they think, feel and act given a particular situation within the society. They are very much a part of the same society as any other and hence they feel the obligation to make their voice heard within the crowd. All said and done, art does actually bring about an influencing role within the tenets of any society and a great disservice would be done by the artists if they stop doing the very same in the coming times. The efforts in this direction must continue to make waves so that everyone gets the benefits.


Meier, Normal Charles. (1942). Art in Human Affairs: An Introduction to the Psychology of Art. McGraw-Hill

Word Count: 521

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