Complete Guide on How to Make a Title Page for a Research Paper

A title page is generally not the first thing that pops up in the mind when a student gets the task of writing a research paper. Instead, what’s instantly paid attention to is the actual text or a piece of writing itself, including the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion. The research paper needs to be interesting and at the same time, informative. Students tend to spend hours, days, and sometimes, even weeks, trying to select the most suitable methodology for the research. While so much attention is paid to the body of the research paper, students tend to forget about the title page, whereas it is of paramount importance.

Being the very first page of the whole research paper, it is the first thing the person will see in your work. So readers judge the quality and content of your research work from its title page. This imparts a need for students to pay a lot of attention to the essential features of the title page. So students have to format this page correctly, adhering to the specific requirements specified by your school.

Definition First! What Is a Research Paper Title Page?

A research paper’s title page, as the name implies, is the page that displays the title of the research paper. Schools generally specify a particular format of the title page, giving instructions about the font, size, and other formatting details of the text. What is more, there are clear instructions with respect to the positioning of the title, the name of the author and the name of the research supervisor, etc. The moment the hard front cover is turned over, it is the title page that appears first, so its importance cannot e overestimated.

Useful Guidelines on How to Make a Research Paper Title Page

There are certain things you need to keep in mind while making the research paper’s title page. Taking care of these factors, you can make any kind of title page. Just memorize the guidelines given below and practice making title pages of research papers using them. They are as follows:

  • Check your school’s standards for title page formatting. There must be a defined standard for the font, size, color, spacing of the text, and positioning of the various parts of the text.
  • If you don’t have any defined standard, as a general rule, place the title of your research paper in the middle of the paper. Make it bold, and put the font two sizes larger than the rest of the text on the page. For example, if you choose to write your and your research supervisor’s name in size 12, make the size of your research title 14.
  • Write your name at the lower right corner of the paper, and the name of your supervisor right under yours.
  • Write down the page number in Roman numerals (i) in the lower center of the page.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to take special care of the neatness and cleanliness of the title page. Being the first page, it is the one that gets seen first and creates the first impression.

These are very simply guidelines, but you need to learn them to make the title page of your research paper the right way. The point is that practicing improves your ability to make it properly, so practice as much as possible. What is more, if you have no idea how to format a title page of any paper, you are in the first place recommended to consult the teacher who gave such an assignment.

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