Professional Ways on How to Make a Cover Page for a Research Paper

The way you present your research tells a lot. First of all, the teacher will be able to know if you used the correct format which you were instructed to use in your research paper. Your cover page can also determine your grade since it is the first thing your professor will see whenever you hand in your research paper.

Therefore, ensuring that you do the correct thing is critical since your professor will begin marking from the cover page. Here are some tips you can consider to be able to improve on the way you present your cover page.

Understand What is a Research Paper Cover Page

This where the reader gets the first impression of your work. The reader can tell at this point that you have read and understood the instructions given since there are different ways you should write your cover page. It provides a glimpse of the topic and what is in the paper.

In most cases, the purpose of the cover page is to give your information, that is:

  • Your full names and admission number
  • The course names
  • The title of your paper
  • Your teacher’s name
  • The date you submit the paper

Your professor might also ask you to include more information in your cover page other than those outlined above. Therefore, you should make sure that you read the instructions carefully. The header and the footer should also be as per the guidelines given by your instructor.

Tips on How to Make a Research Paper Cover Page

The most important thing you should first look is whether you are asked to use the MLA format or the APA format since both papers are presented differently.

In APA way of presenting your paper, there are several things that you should observe. These include:

  • Running head

Put it on the first page on the header in all caps, making sure you only use necessary points. It should look like “Running head: KEY HEADING WORDS.” Also, remember to include the page numbers (right justified).

  • Title

Place your heading at about a third of your page. The heading should be specific; therefore, you should avoid using too many words and abbreviations. It is okay when it is a two-line subject heading.

  • Name

Your name should be under the title. Ensure you write your full name but do not use titles. In case you are doing your research with another person, include their name too right after yours.

  • Institutional affiliation

This appears right after where you write the name of your school. In a case where you are doing your research paper with a person from a different university, separate your names writing the name of your school under each name.

NB: Ensure that the heading is well centered.

In an MLA format of a research paper, things to be followed are:

  • Title

Write your title a third way down your cover page. Ensure that you capitalize the first letter of each word except articles like the, a, an, etc. Note that no punctuations should be used in your heading and the spacing should be double-spaced.

  • Name

Skip several lines and write your name. If there are two or more people who you did the paper with, separate your names using “and.”

  • Course or Class name

Skip several lines and write your course or class name.

  • Instructor’s name

The name of your instructor should follow right after. Make sure you use of their appropriate titles — for example, Dr, Prof.

  • Date

The date should follow in the next line. You are required to start with the day, then the month, finally the year.

NB: you should left justify your text contrary to that of the APA style. And make sure you format your paper appropriately whereby the margins are set to 1 inch.

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