40 Research Paper Topics That Will Catch Attention of Your Readers

Sometimes it seems to be easier to start writing than to come up with a topic. You waste your time thinking what to write about. If this is the case, there’s research paper help for you.

  • Smiles in SMS communication.
  • Does the internet simplify our communication?
  • How does the internet influence relationships?
  • Leader features and their development.
  • What type of people takes the lead in companies?
  • Influence of mythos on our world view.
  • Life on other planets: discovering and consequences.
  • Avoiding reading books and its results.
  • Living without medicine.
  • Why do women become prostitutes?
  • Is it possible to find analogues of money?
  • The world without the art.
  • Relativity of happy childhood.
  • Children’s home: reasons for existence.
  • When does the law admit murders?
  • Should the EU help countries with crisis?
  • What causes wars?
  • Parents’ relationships as a subconscious role model for children.
  • Cancelling taxes: consequences.
  • Death of pets: should children experience it?
  • Population ageing: reasons and consequences.
  • Teens and abortion.
  • Why do children live so long with parents?
  • Fair politicians: myth or reality?
  • The world without the homeless.
  • Does a surrogate mother have right to love her child?
  • Main aspects by creating a happy family.
  • If we didn’t know how to write.
  • Alcoholism: disease or habit.
  • Influence of soap operas on children.
  • What effect do aggressive games have on children?
  • Does bulling at school help to be stronger or more reserved?
  • Why is criminality so attractive for teens?
  • Drug abuse: what real reasons does it have?
  • Children obesity: who is to blame?
  • Why does difference between developed and poor countries exist?
  • Why has human trafficking become a negative aspect (comparing with previous centuries)?
  • Should cigarettes be banned: how and why?
  • Globalization: will it manage to destroy difference between the East and the West?
  • Show business: why do we need it?

Hopefully, these research paper topics will be interesting for you. Perhaps, they will make your paper writing easier.

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