Conduct your own Research, while Writing Chemistry Essay

Chemistry Essay is a Challenging Paper Assignment
Chemistry essay is a writing assignment that students have to complete in order to demonstrate their knowledge of the discipline, writing skills and ability to conduct researches.
Some students are asked to write the essay that will tackle a certain theme sphere in chemistry. But if you are not required to write your essay on a specific subject in chemistry, then start to think over the topic. You may write in your essay about ethanoic acid or essential fatty acids. Some students also write their essays on protein in cerebrospinal fluid or CSF. Choose the topic that you think may involve a lot of discussions. Try to select the topic that you are really aware of and that you can handle. Make sure you choose the topic that is significant to the chemistry study.
Before you start to write your essay – consult different sources:
– Books
– Journals, magazines
– Internet libraries, web sites etc.
To present your chemistry essay in a coherent way you should outline it. If you do not know how to structure your paper, you may find essay structure samples in internet. Chemistry essay structure demands only three aspects.
These aspects are:
1. The introductory part
2. The main body
3. The conclusion
Think what material you want to place in each paragraph. Try to structure your paper by themes.
1. In the introduction present the topic that you want to discover in your essay. Prove its importance. Write strong thesis statement. Think thoroughly how you will present the thesis statement as this sentence is the most important part of the essay. Remember that your thesis statement should be affirmative and valid. In the introductory part you may also set some background information.
2. You may divide the main part of your essay into several segments. Each segment should present one mini-argument. Also, start each paragraph with an opening sentence. Then provide argument and its explanation and investigation. Using citations will make your work more professional. But do not use too long quotations. Remember that all the sources that you use for writing your paper should be referenced.
3. Conclusion is the final point of your essay. That is why give the constructive summary of your paper. Think if you achieved all the essay goals.
After the conclusion also give the list of references or bibliography. The list should be alphabetically organized by the author’s surname, then give the title of the reference, the date of its publication, the page number from which information was taken and the general number of pages. If it is volume then put the number of the volume.
If you have written your paper, then reread it checking for mistakes. While proofreading your paper pay attention to the following points:
– there should be no grammar or spelling mistakes
– pay attention to the paper style
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