Outstanding English Essay Topics and Questions

Students find academic writing time consuming and tiring. Sometimes it makes them feel like quitting school because of all the assignments. This is why our team of experts has dedicated their time and resources to create this guide to help you get your essay writing off the ground.

Writing essays is rather a daunting task for students. The high amount of research that has to be undertaken and the actual writing is dizzying. We understand this since our writers know what instructors expect from scholars. An English essay is a large project, and they are many steps involved when crafting an essay. Our writers have broken down the most important parts of writing an essay, choosing the best essay topic. When you follow this guide, you will find it easy to write an essay successfully.

How to Select the Best English Essay Topic?

The most important part of academic writing is finding the most suitable topic for your essay. When choosing a topic, try to find a subject that is interesting, and you have an idea about. Choosing a vague or dull topic will make your essay writing boring, and you will not be able to write a compelling essay. Your topic should not be too broad because it won’t allow you to develop your argument in a short essay fully. Choose a narrow topic that can clearly state your key points and back it up with substantial evidence.

Always brainstorm on a relevant topic before you start writing on it, find out if you have all the needed information to support a topic. It will allow you to have a constant flow of ideas when putting together an assignment.

A Brilliant List of English Essay Topics for You

It is about time we answered your question. Our team of experts compiled a list of essay topics that are most suitable for students. These essay topics have been researched and proven to be good essay topics to focus on.

  • Technology and its effects on the changing world
  • My role model and idol
  • The ban of alcohol and tobacco: benefits and drawbacks
  • Special traditions that make my family different from others
  • Abortion and its consequences
  • Hobbies as a representation of one’s personality
  • Rights of national minorities
  • The necessity of a diploma to be successful
  • The real changes in the penitentiary system
  • Enhancement of privacy on the Internet
  • The historical role of Columbus in the development of America
  • The advantages of being a professional in one field versus having knowledge of different ones
  • The most famous American writer who influenced the nation
  • The beauty standards and their influence on teenagers
  • The modern phenomena of globalization: pros and cons.
  • My future career path
  • Archeology and the secrets of the past

These are the most eye-catching essay topics and are sure to change your grades and make them higher.

Examples of English Essay Questions

You may be wondering how English essay questions may be set or phrased. Here are some common essay questions:

  • What are the four primary skills that have to be taught in a modern communicative classroom?
  • What led Susan Bassnett to say translation studies would replace comparative literature? What is your assessment of her argument?
  • What social, economic and political changes have modern technology brought?
  • How do semantics and pragmatics both have a role in understanding the meaning of Poverty?
  • What are the pros and cons of globalization?

Brilliant English Essay Ideas from Professionals

Developing essay ideas if you are new to the writing scene may be hard. But if you have an exciting and mind-blowing topic, it serves as a vital part of finding the main idea of your essay. Here are some ideas for your essay:

  • A student could explain the changes or revolutions scientists have made in our world today.
  • A student can go more into the issue of global warming. Define it and explain the relevant measures countries are taking to prevent it.
  • A student could expound on capitalism and communism. Explain the meaning of the terms and how they are used in their respective countries.
  • A student could develop the idea of marijuana legalization. Explain the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana.
  • A student could describe modern and traditional beliefs of the country he/she lives in. How do they affect the morals of people today versus in the past?

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