A Challenge of Writing an Essay on Truth and Courage

Essay On Truth and Courage Can Be Challenge For Inexperienced Students

English literature bristles with interesting topics for discussion and essay writing. If you are asked to write an essay on truth and courage, you will have no difficulty in finding different literary genres and forms to describe noble deeds or pieces which have made a difference in the literary landscape.

The essay on truth and courage is a very thrilling piece of writing where you can apply all your creative forces so that to get an incredible paper. The topic for this type of essay can be found in different literature pieces. For example, let’s look at revolutionary views of Christine de Pizan in her book The City of Ladies.
The City of Ladies is the first book by a woman who praises women rejecting all previous assaults and attack on women evident in the literature. The author made a courageous step towards breaking the rules of medieval society – she defended women and their virtues.

Living in Middle Ages Christine de Pizan was a female poetess with liberal views. Her innovative approach to prose and poetry for her times can serve a basis for a good essay on truth and courage. Pizan was a prolific writer producing many books on education, religion and philosophy. Her City of Ladies has become the first of the books where feminist notes rang –she was fighting for intellectual rights of women.

Writing essays of this kind one must be very passionate about the topic of discussion and thus the topic of an essay. Feeling difficulty at finding the proper theme one can look for a good essay topic among interesting essay topics. Here one can get some important essay prompts which can be beneficial when writing an essay. One can also find some essay samples and have some help in completing the good piece.

When writing an essay which tells about truth and courage, one should not confuse it with the book review essay. One should not concentrate on the plot of an essay but discuss in detail the main idea of an essay, its characters and his point of view on the literature piece.

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