How to Write an Essay Outline is a Very Popular Question Among Students

You May See How to Write an Essay Outline With Online Prompts

When you get a task to write an essay, your instructor will ask you to make an outline. If you do not know how to write an essay outline, ask your instructor to help you with essay writing or look for essay outline samples in the internet.

Some students find it unnecessary to write an outline. They think it is nothing else as wasting of the time. However, they are wrong as the essay outline is a very important step in writing your essay, and you should not miss this step. A good essay outline will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas. You may use it as a plan or frame for your essay. That is why pay great attention to the process of composing the outline. You may write either complete or short sentences in your outline.

First, make it clear what you should include in your essay. Usually, it is the introduction, the main body, which may include three paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, and the conclusion. If you have all the necessary information for your essay, make a critical reading and choose only the most important information and ideas. Think about what you want to write about in the main body and define the goals of your essay. Think about what kind of essay you are going to write and what style of writing will be appropriate for your essay.

In the introduction, introduce the subject of your investigation. Write why you think it is worth the investigation and if it is of current importance. Here, in the introduction, you may also write a thesis statement. Make a brief outline of the main body. Write what you are going to present in each paragraph of the main body. Define the main goals and aims of your investigation. Explain what methods of investigation you are going to use in your research paper.

The main body usually consists of three paragraphs. In the main body, you should develop the main ideas of your investigation. Here you should give the most important information and the best arguments. The first sentence of each paragraph of the main body should open the paragraph. Then write arguments. You may support the theoretical material with good examples (either your own or given from the different sources). Vivid examples and good quotes will make your essay more appealing and interesting to read. In conclusion, write the summary of your essay. Draw perspectives of the further investigation.

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